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How Long Did You Wait? Why Abrazo?


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Thanks again for all of the advice/input. It is always nice to hear people say they were feeling the same thing. It can probably also be assumed, but it is nice to hear everyone saying that ultimately, when it was right, it happened, and it was worth the difficult wait.


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Hi Katie and to all who posted,

My husband and I have sent in application and are scheduled to attend orientation in October. It is encouraging to read the above responses as it gives us hope that no matter what our adoption journey entails, we will one day be parents! May God bless all parents-in-waiting, and the precious babies waiting to meet them!

Will keep you all updated with our journey,


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Welcome to Abrazo Chrissy!

October will be here before you know it! Where are you from? Abrazo has family members from coast to coast.

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Welcome and I am glad you found the thread helpful! It was definitely great for us to read it as we were making our decision about where to go next in our adoption journey. I am glad it led us here, and I am so thankful for the Abrazo ladies and especially the community here. I hope you enjoy your orientation in October!

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