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  1. So happy for you both Mark and Emma! I can't wait to meet for dinner again and this time y'all are feeding and burping and pulling away the forks and knives! Just giddy! Welcome Aidan Alexander Tapia!
  2. That was beautiful Elizabeth. On behalf of Simon, we thank you. We were so blessed!
  3. Elizabeth, we will work on it! Mitch andi were so blessed to be matched and with baby in under 4 months. I remember you predicting that at our orientation. So we will definitely spread the word and keep our eyes open! BTW, I LOOOOOVE being a mommy! I thank God we found Abrazo.
  4. Thanks for bumping it up, this was very helpful! My husband and I are in the first trimester; attending parent orientation in a couple of weeks.
  5. Hi Katie and to all who posted, My husband and I have sent in application and are scheduled to attend orientation in October. It is encouraging to read the above responses as it gives us hope that no matter what our adoption journey entails, we will one day be parents! May God bless all parents-in-waiting, and the precious babies waiting to meet them! Will keep you all updated with our journey, Chrissy
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