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  1. Oh geez Leah - what a thing to wake up to!
  2. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family! And welcome to the world Kepler, may you always be surrounded by love!
  3. What a wonderful update! Big congratulations to Lauranda! What a great accomplishment!
  4. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family!
  5. Melissa - Don't you mean you hate secrets that YOU don't know??!! (don't know why the quote function isn't working??!!) (wish I had time to do more sleuthing on this!) What an exciting holiday this will be for some special family!
  6. Congratulations!!! Wishing many blessings for your expanded family!!
  7. Congratulations on the arrival of this precious girl and blessings to all who love her!
  8. Congratulations to Tim and Leslie, the newest Abrazo family. Welcome to the world Charlotte. What a lucky girl you are to be loved and welcomed by so many!
  9. Congratulations to this newly expanded family!
  10. Whew - what a relief to be able to be done with that headache and know that things are in place!
  11. Hoping today is indeed a better day for you Mari! Good for you for holding your tongue, even though I'm sure it wasn't easy. People can be so maddening!
  12. Do some digging Jen and maybe check with some other agencies - that doesn't sound right to me either. We had changed states and ours was pretty simple and much less cost than the first time.
  13. Wow - he and Elton John can get together in their rockers and compare notes!
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