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  1. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Praises to the Lord for the Steadmans. I can't wait to meet your new little girl!!!
  2. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Congrats to the Merritt family and your new extended family.
  3. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to all the new families. Happy Thanksgiving as you all have lots to be thankful for this year.
  4. ckfmem

    Nursery Notes

    I agree with Donna. I hope this special family that I think Donna is referring has made that call. Girls are really precious. Sisters would be even better.
  5. ckfmem

    Financing An Adoption

    Post the information or pm me and I will check out your HI fundraising efforts!!!!!
  6. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats Ryan family! He is adorable and we can't wait to meet him.
  7. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to everyone who has become parents! Thank the Lord for such giving birthparents who place their little ones with us!
  8. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to this newest family.
  9. ckfmem

    Things Infertile Folk Hate to Hear

    People who have not been through the adoption process are clueless. Once you match with a birthmom, experience them relinquishing their rights (hardest day of birthparent and adoptive family life), and then take home your baby, you are a parent who has been through labor. Adoption labor is very different than natural labor, but labor none the less. I have a friend who is determined to let me know that I have no idea how painful labor is. She is the one clueless....I would push and be in pain for hours to know that our birthmom did not have to go through what she went through and is still struggling with. She also didn't have to experience the first 3 1/2 months of her daughters life in wonder of was the court going to give Andrew to his birthfather (who was in prison) instead of relinquish his rights. That was an awful time of worry, for us the adoptive parents and for our birthmother. She was still trying to have a relationship with him and he was contesting everything she felt. Labor....you go through it no matter how you become a parent. Enough on my soap box!!!!
  10. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to the newest addition. Boys are great fun!
  11. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    What wonderful news! Welcome to the worls Ms. Serenity Nicole. I know all your parents love you more than can be imagined. Congrats to you all.
  12. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to the new family!
  13. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to the newest family on this unexpected surprise. God bless you all.
  14. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats to the newest families.
  15. ckfmem

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Boys are great fun! Congrats Maury, Debra, and Samantha on your newest addition. We have been praying and waiting for this announcement. Congrats and we can't wait to meet him. See you soon.