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    Keith, Briton and I are avid travelers. We love to explore new places and meet new people, although, Briton is the most personable and always has a hi or bye for everyone. <br /><br />

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  1. Wow!! Congratulations on another little Blue Bundle!!!
  2. Oh, 2 sweet baby boys!! Congratulations!!!!
  3. Mary, my heart goes out to you, your daughter and son as you consider adoption. As Dyna says, I pray that God places the right family in your path. Blessings, Erika
  4. Congratulations to the 2 new families!!!
  5. Congratulations to the newest Forever Families!
  6. Congratulations, Andy and Jill!!! Little Girls are a wonderful blessing!!!
  7. Congratulations to the two newly grown families! Our God is a God of miracles and blessings!
  8. Mari and Lauranda, we are keeping you all in our prayers. Erika
  9. Wow, I'm off the forum for 4 days and 3 wonderful blesings arrive!! Congratulations to all the new Forever Families!!!!
  10. Double Congratulations!!! Two sweet blessings in Texas!
  11. Eileen, your words are so true. It can be so easy to forget the pain of our birthfamilies when we are apart from them especially when you know that nothing you do or say will ever erase their hurt. I second your opinion that this article is a must read for everyone.
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