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  1. Jodee&Kyle

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Another beautiful Abrazo story of bringing families together for a lifelong relationship - blessings to all involved!
  2. Jodee&Kyle

    Baby Announcements 2013

    What a wonderful story and a very big time for everyone! Congratulations Chris & Judy! Prayers for your new family and the new special lady in your lives
  3. Jodee&Kyle

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Blessings and prayers for Gary & Monica, the precious new life and the strong young birth mother! What an amazing story and I pray for peace and contentment for all.
  4. Jodee&Kyle

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Congratulations! What an exciting way to start the New Year! Enjoy the first few days with your new little one
  5. Jodee&Kyle

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations to the new parents! What an amazing Christmas blessing! Merry Christmas!!!