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  1. Everyone! So I entered a contest on Facebook to win a photography session! Well I need at least 130 "LIKES" by 8 pm tonight! If everyone can please go to Stutes Family Photography, LIKE their page, then go to the CUTEST COUPLE album and like mine and Anthony's picture, I will GREATLY appreciate it! Ask everyone to go like it please! Friends, family, everyone! ) Sorry for the rambunctious posting!! Please bare with me
  2. CONGRATULATIONS Monica & Gary! )) So so happy for y'all! <3
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! :DDDDDDD Looking forward to seeing all of yall at camp!
  4. Happy Birthday! :D

    1. Monica281


      Thanks, I just now saw your comment ;0

    2. elly_mae


      Your birthday is the day after Naomi's!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :))

  6. I've always wondered about Celebrity Adoptions, Why they do it, why they adopt from other countries, i mean there are plenty of American babies who need homes, so i always think of it as publicity, a way to think theyre doing an excellent job, i mean adopting a child is amazing, but why do they have to go make a big deal that they adopted a baby from another country, why cant it just say they adopted a baby?
  7. I have you as a friend already! :)))

  8. The gain from pain, is the gain of strength :)

  9. Hey, B! Can't wait to see you start a blog. Once you're authorized, you'll find it under the "Placing" section... at the very bottom, you'll see "Birthparent Blogs." :) I love you!!!

    1. Bianca:)


      WooHOO! I'm finally on the forum! :)

  10. Don't stop what you love, & never let what you love; stop you

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