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  1. How are you? I was just thinking about you and wondering how your journey is going...

    Hope in MO

  2. and more importantly... Fello CHOPPERZZZZ!

  3. Hello Fellow Houstonians!

  4. Hi, Actually we are attending the orientation this weekend!!!

  5. The 'comment' feature is new to me so I hope I'm using it right! That is wonderful to hear your family is very supportive. We look forward to following your journey to parenthood :) Any news on orientation yet?

  6. Hello Hope,

    Thank you for recommending Abrazo and for sharing your book and your story with us. I already have a small library started and have family members borrowing books...needless to say they are all excited!

  7. LittleBigs


    Hi Everyone! We will be attending the June 24th Orientation and can't wait! We have always wanted to be a part of this wonderful process and are so excited to finally be 'here'. We had looked at many options but for some reason none of them seemed like the right path for us. The more we read and the more we investigated the more confused we became. Then I talked to an ABRAZO mother and everything became so clear, something just felt so right. We are very happy to have finally found ABRAZO and are looking forward to meeting everyone.
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