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  1. If she's headed into a dorm, I'd say flip-flops for the shower! And maybe a matching, light robe.
  2. Prayers for answers and a quick resolution - and for peace in the meantime. Hope you just see beautiful skies and smiling faces tomorrow - and maybe a Spurs win .
  3. Wow. I hope this baby gets settled with Dad without too many hurdles. And hopefuly this new mom shared your number with him, just in case. Elizabeth - I don't envy your job and how many times you must see babies who deserve it all leave the hospital and enter into very tenuous futures. We visited Charlie's birthfamily this weekend and his first cousin (who is only 1) seems to be shuffled between adults without much plan or stability for her over the long-term. I feel helpless, so I can only imagine seeing that a lot. Keep us posted if things change for this precious boy!
  4. Looking back at these same questions I had after coming through a successful adoption is really interesting. I remember calling and running through about 20 questions with Abrazo staff (Angela) and looking back now I sort of cringe at how much learning still lay before me And I'm so thankful that the Abrazochicks and friends here take the time to "tenderize" and educate along the way. When I was asking those 20 questions I just really wanted to say "will I come through this in one piece?" - emotionally, financially? But I think it's a HUGE testament to this agency that shortly after orienta
  5. Welcome to the world precious Charlotte and congrats to All who adore you!
  6. I'm sorry you're having to be nervous about very heated or angry emotions - and I have so much sympathy for M and N and their situation. You don't have to share too much with us, but maybe some of the initial divulging with extended family can be done away from the hospital by M and N (after M's release), unless that's not a physically safe situation. Then all 4 of you guys will be able to assess if time can cool everyone off to actually visit while you're in town - since it may be a few weeks before you're heading home. Take time, go slow, give M time to recover more if the family can be held
  7. Congrats to everyone who loves this baby girl. The name Irie is so sweet!
  8. Very interesting and timely. I heard this story Freezing Eggs To Make Babies Later Moves Toward Mainstream on NPR yesterday. So whether it's by adoption or waiting later to give birth to a baby, age and motherhood is a hot topic. I remember telling myself when Charlie was born that now I want to live to 85 so we can have 50 years together. It's probably not healthy for me to worry over it since it's not entirely in my control - but it does sometimes remind me to stay on track with healthy habits for eating, exercise and seeing a doctor when I should. But that said, I just lost my father who w
  9. Mari, you always get me thinking! In our first PIW journey we definitely had some "go with your gut" moments and I'm so glad that we took a leap of faith. I kept wanting a solid sign of what decisions to make - but it was more like God had planted the little seed of faith in my head and after a couple of weeks time (we were lucky that we had some time to think about things) it had grown into a big courage to take on whatever our future child might need. And oddly enough I find myself now asking for a BIG sign again. My husband and I had started talking about a second Abrazo journey at the end
  10. That is great news! It always feels good to have something to look forward to, especially when it's the steps that will bring a child into your lives.
  11. Congrats to the newly expanded family! May the future be very sweet for you all.
  12. Thanks for posting this Hannah, just what I needed. It's so easy to feel guilty about the hurdles or having moments where you expect to spontaneously combust because something is so physically/emotionally taxing. And guilty for enjoying your alone moments SO MUCH. This article really puts the duality of parenting - the hardship/the rewards - into perspective. Those Kairos moments really do have a way of pulling you through the day. For myself, if we're not having a few of those each day then it's time to slow down a little, smile more - maybe let a chore slide for the day and not get too work
  13. I'm so happy to see this announcement and beautiful family photo tonight. Congrats to all and enjoy all the fun (wonderfully exhausting) days ahead! Amy
  14. Well Melissa, I can think of one pretty special one from LAST Sept. that made you a happy woman! This announcement made my day! Huge congrats to Jim and Beth and baby's birth family. Welcome to the wonderful world and Abrazo family baby Joseph. Amy
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