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  1. Hello Everyone, I am going to place my 3 year old son for adoption. I was wondering if there are any other birthmoms who have done the same and can give me some insight on placing a child. I would also like to hear from any adoptive parents who have adopted a toddler/preschooler for advice on the adjustment period for the child. I realize each situation is different as each child is different. I am need to alleviate some of my worries and fears. I want this adoption to be as easy of a transition as possible for all of us.
  2. Hello Everyone, I met with Elizabeth and Ashley from Abrazo today. My husband, Son, and daughter were there as well. The luncheon was informative and interesting. Zachery was "good" as far as good goes for him. He seemed to take to Elizabeth easily. I am more comfortable with my decision to place him for adoption now. He will do fine as long as it is not with me. I do not understand why his behavior is the way it is. I just except it and deal with it. I know it will be difficult to "hand him over" to another family to parent after I have parented him for 3 years. However, my par
  3. Hello everyone, I am not a teenager, nor am I pregnant. I am placing my 3 year old son for adoption. I am over 35. I am going to meet with Abrazo today to explore this adoption more carefully. I have a heartwrenching decision to make. To be quite honest I have agonized over this for a year. This is not easy. I am not happy or excited about the idea. I have to do what is best for my son. I am distraught about how this will effect my 9 year old daughter. She loves her little brother unconditionally and how he is is all she knows. I explained the adoption the best way I could on
  4. Hi, Mary! So glad you joined Abrazo's Forum family; make yourself at home, and please know you are truly welcome here. Feel free to jump in any topic, anywhere; we learn best from each other, and we're a family here, so pull up a seat at our table and consider this home! :)

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