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  1. We just went through this and it was very Scary at first! It was a normal delivery and the hospital was asking for WAY more than the $13k as Elizabeth stated above. We had to wait it out for a while and still had issues along the way. We are happy to say that that chapter is wrapped up. Thank you Abrazo Chicks! We know our case was a ton of work!!!!
  2. Welcome to the world baby Isadora! We are so happy for this new family of 4
  3. Congrats Ben and Lena! Welcome to the world Baby Bryant!
  4. Congrats on the arrival of your sweet baby boy Ryder!
  5. We are so happy for yall! Enjoy being a family of 4
  6. We are sooo happy for yall! Enjoy these precious first days together Congrats to you Brent, Lynn, Caleb, and welcome to the world Avery!!!!
  7. We have been stalkers all day too to see the offical announcement! Congrats to everyone who loves baby Amelia!
  8. Congrats Steven and Becky! What a whirlwind for all of you. I love the new family picture
  9. Congrats on the arrival of baby Grant!
  10. Congrats Jones family! Welcome to the world little guy
  11. Congrats to everyone who loves Charlotte!
  12. Congrats and prayers for our newest family!
  13. It's called "I'n a Big Brother!" "Soy el hermano mayor" by Ronne Randall (Parragon Books) If you can't find it let me know and I'll ask my cousin where she found it. I thought of Hannah when I read it because the older brother in the story is named Luke. Kayla just got the big sister version of this book for Easter from her babysitter (well she doesn't watch Kayla much anymore )!
  14. Congrats Scott and Deb! Welcome to the world baby Alex!
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