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  1. donnag

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    Is this from 2010? 2011 is not refundable.
  2. donnag

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    If you did not send in all adopt tax credit for the five years prior to 2010- refile! We did and received a FULL refund for all our adoptions. Remember to paper file and send all supporting documents! There was a lot of misinformation on the web, attorneys and agencies. The refund did go back 5 years and was refundable not a tax credit!!
  3. donnag

    Nursery Notes

    We live in NC but visit SA twice a year for birth family visits! I wish she was looking for a family with a house full of kids:) We just had our home study update done last week:)
  4. donnag

    Who Is (or Isn't) Cut Out for Adoption?

    Some of those posts are just awful! These people have no business adopting children!
  5. donnag

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    I agree with Suzi- it does sound like the government would be paying for babies:( I agree with Suzi- it does sound like the government would be paying for babies:(
  6. donnag

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    How would splitting the adoption credit work in special needs cases like foster care??? These birth parents do not always voluntarily place!
  7. donnag

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    I would suggest that families call the IRS- like I did:) They are the ONLY ones with the correct info!
  8. donnag

    Home Study Updates For Againers

    Every adoption we have done has required a new home study! It is terrible that some agencies are charging even when the home study is current:(
  9. donnag

    Nursery Notes

    I have the same problem! I often wonder about that baby also. We were told about a child with dwarfism that is 2 in foster care in San Antonio. He is up for adoption. The state has been looking for a home for a 1 and half. Makes me wonder if it is him!
  10. donnag

    Nursery Notes

    Does the family have to live in Texas? Praying for this mother and baby!
  11. donnag

    Compulsory Adoption

    So sad! Social services needs to turn their attention towards the mothers that are neglecting and abusing their children. It would be a different case if the child tested positive for drugs or the mother was already proven to be abusive due to other children being removed! Why not just send the mother and baby back to Mexico? Or better yet teach her English and let her apply for a green card- her baby is a US citizen!
  12. donnag

    Nursery Notes

    I have seen too many foster/adoptive parents walk away from an adoption when they find a parent has mental health issues. There is no guarantee that your mentally "healthy" birth parent will not end up with a child with mental illness! There is not guarantee that the healthy baby you take home will always be healthy. I am sorry there are no guarantees in life!!! What if you find out the birth parents have mental illness after you have taken placement of a baby? Do you return the baby?? I am sorry I am just frustrated. We really wanted to be parents and really did not care if our child's birth parents were mentally healthy!
  13. donnag

    Nursery Notes

    I will send this on to two families I know that are adopting! We have adopted two boys with very similar birth family histories. I am hoping that Abrazo families will take a chance on this little one. The child only needs love and a healthy environment and he/she will be just fine!
  14. donnag

    Especially for Abrazo's Againers

    We really wanted to go to camp this year. We moved to a bigger house so the budget is tight this summer. We are making plans to make it next year. Hopefully we will have heard from Thomas' birth family by then!
  15. donnag

    Celebrity Adoptions

    I think that it is great he adopted from foster care. I do not like the terms he used and he seems to think of his new son as a "pet"! My husband and I have adopted from foster care. We would never made a comment about getting a cute child. Our children are perfect for our family. We were just lucky to be blessed with these children!