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  1. Happy to have so much free time. I'll be sad when its gone.

  2. The only thing that I am sure of, is that I am not sure of anything.

  3. I need a job and fast

  4. Makes perfect sense, right? I think that's why so many of us out-of-towners want our kids to have Texas pride. That's why we invest in the Longhorns gear, Don't Mess with Texas t-shirts, etc. And it's why we plan our annual trek there! I know it's to a much lesser degree, but it's still parallel. As good adoptive parents, you should want your child to be proud of where they came from - their heritage, their roots, their culture. Kinda hard to do that when the child hasn't experienced their place of birth first-hand! I would definitely agree there. I think I should send my kids some UT gear lol Hook 'em Horns!
  5. I'd hate to think I won't have enough money to do everything I want for thanksgiving..... I better put in some overtime in the next couple weeks.

  6. Got Thanksgiving on my mind

  7. Waiting on a very important call.....

  8. Hope your day was better than mine

  9. Its mine!

    random stuff we'll see how it turns out
  10. I'm sending presents for the kids. Just letting you know to expect a package.