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  1. Happy to have so much free time. I'll be sad when its gone.

  2. The only thing that I am sure of, is that I am not sure of anything.

  3. I need a job and fast

  4. Makes perfect sense, right? I think that's why so many of us out-of-towners want our kids to have Texas pride. That's why we invest in the Longhorns gear, Don't Mess with Texas t-shirts, etc. And it's why we plan our annual trek there! I know it's to a much lesser degree, but it's still parallel. As good adoptive parents, you should want your child to be proud of where they came from - their heritage, their roots, their culture. Kinda hard to do that when the child hasn't experienced their place of birth first-hand! I would definitely agree there. I think I should send my kids some UT gear lol Hook 'em Horns!
  5. I'd hate to think I won't have enough money to do everything I want for thanksgiving..... I better put in some overtime in the next couple weeks.

  6. Got Thanksgiving on my mind

  7. Waiting on a very important call.....

  8. Hope your day was better than mine

  9. I'm sending presents for the kids. Just letting you know to expect a package.

  10. sometimes I feel so lame leaving comments for myself.

  11. Imelda

    If It Happens Again...

    If "IT" happens again, I think I would use abrazo again. I am planning to stop using the Depo Provera, I feel that it may be causiing me to gain weight, because I have in fact gained the weight back that I had lost. If I eliminate the Depo and the weight just happens to fall off then I was right. I don't have the time or money to eat right and excercise. Well I mean the time thing doesnt really apply, but resources I do not have any. Ok well that's a lie too, but the gym here doesn't have the machines that I want to use. I also don't like thinking that people are watching me and my fat bouncing around. Well anyway, I don't plan on having sex for a few months at least, but considering how vulnerable I am right now, if the opportunity just happened to present itself, I probably would. depending on the situation.... I would place my baby for adoption because they are expensive and I am greedy. And seeing the messed up kids (teenagers) around here at Job Corps with they're disciplinary issues, their immaturity and their ADHD, just to name one disorder off the top of my head. Yeah i know I am smart and could probably raise a child in the right direction, but I don't want any more kids. I see other peoples kids. I don't want them. My sister pawns her kids off on me, I don't want all of that... learning disorders and speach delays. I had the perfect set. one son and one daughter. I don't want or need more. The doctor here says that only one more would be safe at this point... since I've had the double c section. So yeah if I have any more. Its back to abrazo most definitely. I really feel like worrying about myself. I have a lot of work to do on myself.
  12. Actually I think I understand what that means now. The whole approving or disapproving of posts thing. I don't like being a silent partner.

  13. What does that mean? Silent Partner? I am definitely a mouthpiece for advertisment. You may not see it now, but you will.

  14. Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. Just wanted to say hello I am another birthmother this is a good place to be read my blog! Ok self advertisement. I rock. Judge for yourself though.

  16. Imelda

    JUNO- The Movie

    I actually saw Juno when it first came out. I don't remember if it was the first day but it was definitely in December. Oh wow that movie. What can I say that hasn't already been said. Just wow! Freakin awesome movie.