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  1. She knew what she wanted for her baby’s future. Yet a hurricane interrupted her plans, and then there was family opposition to contend with, and host of other complications to overcome. Many states away, unbeknownst to each other, there was a couple who knew what they wanted for their family’s future. Yet the abrupt closure of their national adoption agency interrupted their plans, and then there were financial ramifications to overcome, and a couple of other failed opportunities along the way. What is mean to be, however, has a way of coming together, however. And today, by the grace of God, both families’ dreams came together, for the love of one adorable four-month-old boy. May he grow up strong and sure, and be forever blessed by their shared commitment to his future.
  2. Familia todo porque quatros personas se enamoraron... One week ago, they were just one more couple from our Candy Cornholes orientation of October 2016, who were anxiously waiting for their homestudy agency to get their study done and submitted to Abrazo. They were busy with the holidays, like everyone else, and had no idea whatsoever that their lives were about to change forever. But in a land far away, in a city where folks regularly speak their second language, a young couple was anxiously waiting for answers to their prayers, regarding a baby on the way at a time in which they felt the least prepared to manage another child. That baby was born, and the prospective birthparents fortuitously found their way to Abrazo. The much-needed homestudy was swiftly forwarded and approved, enabling the introduction which today changed everything for all of them, as these four parents met for the first time and joined hands and hearts to bless one very much-loved baby boy. We celebrate the precious son they now share, and we wish them every joy as they build a forever family relationship that will guarantee that this child will indeed always be family to all of them! Happy New Year, everyone.
  3. Some adoptions seem to come together in record time, while others seem to become a far more complex route, for reasons that don't always make sense. Yet time and time again, we've seen that what matters most is not how quickly or slowly it takes for a match to come to fruition, but that the "right" children and the "right" birthparents find their way to the hearts and/or homes of the "right" adoptive parents. For the only family in Abrazo's history (to date) to come back four times, their final adoption effort (to date) must have seemed particularly arduous. Having already adopted three beautiful daughters, they felt certain their fourth child was surely meant to be a boy. So they returned for our Two Men Down orientation weekend of April, 2014 and prepared for a longer-than-usual wait, given their firm gender preference. However, two failed matches and almost two years later, they must have begun to wonder if they were ever really meant to adopt again, at all? Being the good-hearted and faithful folks that they are, though, they held fast to their dream... and today, by the grace of God and the selflessness of one beautiful birthmother, they have added the newborn baby boy of their dreams to their family (and we just couldn't be happier for them.) May he always know how very wanted he was, and how totally beloved he is! Blessings, all!
  4. When they attended our Fifty Sheets of Faustino orientation of July, 2014, Abrazo's first couple to take placement in 2015 had no idea what an extraordinary New Year's party they were in for, but they were obviously ready to be great parents, and everything they said and did made it evident they could be trusted to keep their promises. The expectant mother who chose to match with them sensed this, as well, and together, they have spent months building a loving kinship that is truly going to be a lifelong gift for the son they now share. We celebrate each of the special people who are so committed to his future, and we wish them all a very happy new year, indeed! Blessings, all.
  5. They couldn't have guessed, when they attended Abrazo's Fiesta Under the Bus orientation in April 2013, that just a few hours away was a teen mom whose courage and strength would eventually change their lives forever. A single mom, she wanted to do her best for the son she was already parenting, and ultimately, that meant making an adoption plan for the baby she was carrying. They've spent the past few months building a friendship, and today, they've become a forever family, for love of the sweet newborn daughter they now share. Here's to new beginnings! Blessings, all.
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