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I am one of those people who have been touched by adoption more than once! When I was 18 years old, I delivered a beautiful, healthy, and perfect baby girl and placed her for adoption (closed/confidential adoption). I never knew her name and did not have any contact with her or her family until I found her (due to my perseverance and refusal to believe something isn't possible) in April 2008. Her name is Joanna and she welcomed me into her life and we have a wonderful open relationship and talk to each other often (at least once a month) and have seen each other numerous times. She is amazing and I am SOOO proud of her and know that what once seemed so unplanned was absolutely part of "the plan" and one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. Speaking of best things to ever happen to me! My husband and I married in January 1998 and realized soon that we would become parents through adoption. In December 2002 our precious daughter Kayleigh was born in Austin, TX. I always say that at that moment, everything in my life grew brighter with more color than I had ever seen. She just put everything into perspective for me and still does. Our sweet son Brennan joined us in May 2007 and once again, life just made sense. He has changed our lives in such a wonderful way. I never imagined myself a little boy's mommy but now, I can't imagine that I could have missed out on loving a little boy like him!! We speak to and see Brennan's birthmother Meg regularly and she has become a part of our family. We don't yet have contact with Kayleigh's birthmother but always hopeful that someday that will change.....That's me!

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