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  1. iam trying to find a pic to post but they all say they are too big any suggestions?

  2. i wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my daughters journey... i have to admit theres much more to this story but iam waiting on more time with our new family. my daughter is completing her custards class at Le Cordon Blue in austin..she called me last night saying this class was the hardest shes been threw and she still has 6 more months!!!...my heart went out to her. we talked about the baby and i told her that i had completed my gmas brag book that was given to me from gma gigi the weekend we meant our new family i cant wait to show her the book. one thing ive realized w
  3. Iam writing to just say how much open adoption has meant to me..when my daughter told me of her plans for her child i have to admit apart of me was screaming noooo...then after sitting and listening to her and knowing it was coming straight from her heart she wanted better for her child more then she could give him at the time...through our journey of looking for the right agency we discovered abrazo and iam glad we did our journey i have to admit was a hard one. just knowing that the baby wouldnt be with us on a day to day thing was hard enough for me to come to terms with..but deep down i
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