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  1. iam trying to find a pic to post but they all say they are too big any suggestions?

  2. i wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my daughters journey... i have to admit theres much more to this story but iam waiting on more time with our new family. my daughter is completing her custards class at Le Cordon Blue in austin..she called me last night saying this class was the hardest shes been threw and she still has 6 more months!!!...my heart went out to her. we talked about the baby and i told her that i had completed my gmas brag book that was given to me from gma gigi the weekend we meant our new family i cant wait to show her the book. one thing ive realized with my children is they are my biggest blessings and iam proud of them all. thanks for reading ive been thinking of chapter two...lol...iam hoping that everyone who matches is just as blessed as my family has been.
  3. Iam writing to just say how much open adoption has meant to me..when my daughter told me of her plans for her child i have to admit apart of me was screaming noooo...then after sitting and listening to her and knowing it was coming straight from her heart she wanted better for her child more then she could give him at the time...through our journey of looking for the right agency we discovered abrazo and iam glad we did our journey i have to admit was a hard one. just knowing that the baby wouldnt be with us on a day to day thing was hard enough for me to come to terms with..but deep down i worried about my daughter she just graduted high school..she wanted to take time off before following her dream of being a pastry chef ... would this keep her from it i wondered..would she be to hurt and long for this child she wanted to give up?... i asked her daily are you sure?...she always replied yes i am sure...so the phone call was made and an interview was set up...my daughters only request was that the family she choose would have to be from texas so it wouldn't be to far away so she could keep in contact and watch her child blossom.. i remember when the family's profile came in the mail from abrazo... my daughter was napping and i couldn't wait to see it. i opened the package and began to read and look at pictures of this potential family i honestly began to cry and my heart was screaming, yes this is the family...when my daughter woke i didnt say anything to her i just handed her the profile..i watched her as she read it with tears in her eyes she looked up and said this is the family i want... with that a phone went in and a phone call was set up between her and the potential family...the call came and my daughter was smiling and talking to this person on the other end of the phone ...then she asked would you like to talk to her and i said yes!...i talked to this person and it was as if i had known her and we were old friends just catching up...my heart was somewhat at peace...but i still hurt for my daughter, this decision was big huge...it will forever change her life as well as this other family..of course there's things going thru my head ..like all the what if questions...and who are they ...and the big question when can we meet?... when the meeting was set up they drove into see us and with them they brought my daughter's best friend, so in other words she got to grill them first...haha..seeing them as we walked up to them was at first a relief...whew, they look normal..my daughters friend cried seeing my daughter for the first time in months her belly had grown she looked beautiful...we all had dinner and talked about baby names and shared pictures..then it was time to go... i remember asking my daughter well?...whats up and all she could say was yes ...they are the ones...as our journey progressed and she came closer to her due date, i became scared honestly, this is my grandchild, my first...but the plan was made and i was going to support her plan ... when my daughter went into labor i called the family and as i recall, the daddy freaked out a little... its quite funny now thinking of it... the mommy remained calm and level headed as most women do, lol...as the hours went by waiting on the bundle of joy and watching my daughter go threw the hours of labor my heart broke, wishing i could take away the pain...when it was finally time to push..her 2 best friends were by her side and i was there too.. when he made his grand entrance into this world all i could do was cry and reach for my phone. i texted the parents "omg we have a baby"...not too long after that i went into the waiting room to see them...we all hugged and cried in joy that this little person would bring us all together...a forever family... on july 1st the adoption was made final, my daughtee's decision to be present i am guessing is for her closer to be at peace within herself...we had a great weekend meeting our new extended family, knowing that my grand child will be forever loved knowing he brought 2 families together... because of him makes my heart at peace... seeing my daughter look at her child with so much love knowing her choice was the right one for all involved makes me happy...and knowing that he will grow up knowing his journey knowing his birth mother makes me feel at peace... there will more to come i am sure as the years go by ... p.s. my daughter is following her dream to be a pastry chef which makes me happy and so very proud of her in many ways.
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