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  1. justme817

    Dealing with The Dad

    Thank you so much. Welcome, JustMe817! Glad you've joined the Forum; it's a great place to get information and find support. I am NOT a lawyer, so if you need legal advice, just call Abrazo and let us know if it's okay to have our attorney's office call you directly. But in answer to your question, in the State of Texas, there is no such thing as "grandparents rights" where a newborn is concerned, because grandparents do not have standing to intervene. They have to prove to the courts that they have had a "significant prior relationship" with the child in question, or that the child had been left in their sole care and custody for a lengthy period of time, and if you're expecting, that's just not possible for them to make that case. And under current Texas law, unless their son is legally married to you or has completed paternity testing to get himself legally-adjudicated as the father of the baby, he does not have any automatic claim to your child. Texas changed its paternity laws a year ago, and unwed fathers now are not even necessarily entitled to legal notice of an adoption plan (unless they register in advance, with the Voluntary Paternity Registry.) Ideally, you want to talk with the baby's father about what you both want for your child's future and how best to accomplish those goals; if you can come to some agreement, it certainly makes for a better plan for everyone. But if not, then as the baby's legal parent, it falls to you to make the best choices you can for your child, whether or not he chooses to participate. The only way for a father's parents to fight an adoption would be for them to fund his lawsuit, if he were to fight for custody; he would then have to prove to a court that he'd been financially supporting the mother throughout pregnancy, acting as a responsible father since learning of the conception, and that having the baby placed permanently with him would be in the baby's best interests. If you make an adoption plan through a licensed agency like Abrazo, then it becomes the agency's responsibility to handle any litigation involving the child, so you don't have to be fighting anyone who disagrees with your plans-- they would be fighting us, so not to worry. (Our attorneys are really good.)
  2. Welcome to the Forum! We're glad you're here... make yourself at home, and jump in any discussions, anywhere. It's like a big, noisy family around here, and now you're part of it, so mi Forum es su Forum! Enjoy!

  3. justme817

    Dealing with The Dad

    Is there any way the father's parents can fight the adoption?