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  1. Congratulations Jen & Haukur - welcome Baby Drake!
  2. Congratulations Will & Melissa! We are so happy for all of you. Alicia, Nate and Baby Amaya
  3. This brought tears to my eyes, very moving. Congratulations to all!
  4. Congratulations Kenny & Michelle, such a beautiful baby boy....Peace and Love to you and 'A'.
  5. Congratulations! to all the new formed families.
  6. Nate and I also started telling everyone we were adopting, just before our Abrazo orientation and the feedback has been all positive. We have also been surprised to learn how many people we know or work with have adopted because they have opened up about their adoption stories. Similar to Andi....We are now frequently being asked "Any news yet?" Now that we are matched, We have been going into overdrive....Nate and I have taken the infant cpr class, next week we take a baby care class for adoptive parents, we are looking forward to this one. I have made appointments to interview pediatricians here, also looking to see what pediatricians/hospitals are in my health insurance network in the Texas town we will be, started discussing with HR my FMLA/Leave of Absence, looking into daycare for after my time off...most good ones have waiting lists. Another perk of being "a little" older before having kids, all our friends kids are just out of their cribs and they are telling us not to buy anything. We have been offered many cribs, clothes, toys and nursery furniture already. Our friends have also asked us about having a baby shower, Nate and I decided we are going to wait until placement occurs, but I can't imagine we will need much. I also bought the book "Baby Bargains" and it has been a wealth of knowledge, for purchasing baby items. They review everything to do with baby. Safety is their number one priority and they write good, better, best reviews on products. Also it's endorsed by Oprah, and who doesn't like Oprah! Nate and I went into Baby's R Us for the first time lastnight. Neither one of us are shoppers mind you and Wow! it was so overwhelming, we left to go drink! Alicia
  7. Hi Carissa and Jay - I went out to your website to see your nursery. I love it! love it! love it! Alicia

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