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  1. Good Morning to all, I have met my little Julia and needless to say it was love at first sight. I arrived at little late on Sunday night, saw my two daughters and grandson, Alexander (5) waiting - while I was hugging them I heard Josh, turned around and there was Julia . She was in her stroller and such a vision - my own little princess in her chariot. Of course the pictures didn't do her justice as she is totally beautiful and I had no idea that she would come to the airport. It was an unforgettable moment and I know that image will be etched in my mind. I was talking to her and
  2. Hello to all, I am going to get to meet my little Julia in about 48 hours! I can't believe how excited I am. I was able to watch her via the internet today and she is just adorable - still pictures are great but seeing her live was awesome. Baby Julia arrived at home around 5:00 last night and her first night and day at home went well. She seems so tiny but is eating and doing well. You can bet that I will write more after I see my sweetie. Last night we went to a dance recital for Marcella, 7 and Chelsea 6. We enjoyed it so much as both girls are maturing and gaining more self-c
  3. Hello, I want to share my story as we just became grandparents to a beautiful baby girl. I have always been a person of faith and last March when my daughter and husband first found out their birthmother possibly had a change of heart four days before delivery, I prayed and prayed as I have never done before - even more than when my husband was having surgery for removal of cancer. I just knew that God could not allow my daughter and son-in-law to miss out on the baby girl they had been totally prepared for both physically and spiritually. Well, it did happen and although I didn't
  4. Welcome, Nana C! Big hugs to you and those you love... there are brighter days in store, for all! Glad you found the Forum; please, make yourself at home here (and often!)

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