Texas Adoption

Texas Adoption

What is it about Texas adoption that seems so popular? Why are so many out-of-state couples trying to adopt babies in Texas? Are there that many more females planning adoptions here? What advantages to placing  parents or adoptive parents in Texas keeping their...
Adoption Help

Adoption Help

“I’m looking for adoption help nearby, can you help me?” She was pregnant and due soon. She’d left an abusive relationship out-of-state and moved to Texas with her small kids in a car that was barely held together with prayers and duct tape....
Chosen Parents

Chosen Parents

All parents are born, of course– but only some get to become chosen parents through open adoption at Abrazo. Getting chosen parents here usually takes 6-12 months or less for childless couples. (For couples who already have kids, the wait is generally twelve...
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24-Hour Birthparent HelpLine
for New Placing Parents/Medical Emergencies

Placing parents calling from Texas or surrounding states:

Placing parents calling from outside Texas, please call collect:
210-342-LOVE (5683)

Placing parents text:


Mailing address:

3123 Northwest Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78230