Pregnant? Free Help

Pregnant? Free Help

Are you pregnant? Free help is available in Texas, whether you are interested in placing a baby for adoption or if you plan to parent.

If you need a free pregnancy test, for starters, here is a list of Texas pregnancy centers. (In San Antonio, Methodist Family Health Services offers free pregnancy testing centers all around town.) You can also get free pregnancy testing through Heartbeat International.

pregnant-free-helpWhatever decision you’ll ultimately make, getting free or low-cost prenatal care is an important starting point. You can find a health center in your area area. Then be sure to apply for CHIPS as soon as possible, before the government funding runs out. (Check out these links for free prenatal care in Houston, or in Dallas or in San Antonio.)

Unwanted Pregnancy?

If you were not planning to be pregnant at this point in your life, then you’ll need to spend some time considering all your options and alternatives. You can get free counseling and medical care referrals from the Texas Pregnancy Care Network. You can learn simple answers about adoption and other services through Planned Parenthood. Pregnant teens can also get free legal advice from Jane’s Due Process. And you can find a range of free social services available to you in Texas through 211 Texas.

Be sure to also consider adoption for your baby, because Abrazo offers free adoption counseling, free clothing, housing and grocery assistance, weekly birthparent support groups, medical referrals, transportation to maternity appointments, open adoption services, and more– before and after placement. (Nonprofit adoption agencies like Abrazo are able to help with pregnancy-related needs free of charge; such assistance is considered charitable, whether or not a placement ultimately occurs.) You can view profiles for Abrazo’s currently-waiting adoptive families here: find a family for your child. Just click here to get started, or call 210-342-5683 or 1-800-454-5683 to talk with a counselor any time of the day or night.

(And if you do not feel adoption is right for you and your child, Saving Our Sisters is a Facebook group of women who offer free support and financial assistance for those with unplanned pregnancies who do not wish to place.)

Ready for Parenting?

If a positive pregnancy test means good news for you, then congratulations!

Get yourself signed up for WIC and Medicaid, if you qualify. (And get your prenatal care lined up, pronto!)

Then sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings and Similac Strong Moms to start receiving formula freebies and coupons. If you’re planning to breastfeed, here’s free info on getting breast pump costs covered by insurance. The National Diaper Bank Network may be able to help you locate assistance if keeping up with the costs of diapers becomes overwhelming.

You can apply free for child support in Texas and do it online, because child support is every child’s birthright (or it should be.)

Online parenting courses are also available free: click here. (Find free parenting classes and support in Houston here. In San Antonio, the Precious Minds, New Connections parenting course is free through BCFS Health & Human Services. In Dallas, find parent education opportunities through Dallas Healthy Babies.

Services like free housing for pregnant women planning to parent may be harder to find, but there are some shelters and maternity homes that do offer assistance, city by city. Check out the HUD resource links, or this single moms housing link, or if you need family housing support, look into Grace Transitional Housing or Haven for Hope.

Whatever you decide, whether or not you are currently pregnant or already parenting, free help is out there, so research your options and make good use of all the local resources available… starting with Abrazo, if adoption is your best choice.

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