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logoElizabeth Jurenovich pitched in with adoption experts discussing open adoption with staff writer Liza Mundy on May 7, 2007 during an online Live Discussion hosted by Washington Post Magazine (search for "Abrazo" on the linked page).

logoThe Asbury Park Press, a Gannett newspaper, now features a new blogger on its website: it's Nina Rizzo, who also happens to be an Abrazomom. She's been blogging since 2/21/07, sharing her perspective on the challenges of becoming a new mom later in life, in Jersey Shore Moms: Diaper Diva.

logoThe Tate family of Florida, who have adopted through Abrazo twice, were featured in the Lake Mary Life, in a 1/8/07 story entitled "Domestic Adoption: A Perfect Fit for Local Family." Read about how their first child came to them just 2 weeks after orientation and their second arrived beforehand!

logoOn 5/25/06, the Learning Channel show "Surviving Motherhood" showcased an Abrazo mom, Dr. Rosalie Dow, along with her husband, their two daughters and Texas-born baby boy. Dr. Dow's primary purpose in participating, she explained, was specifically to help raise awareness about domestic adoption.

logoOn 4/9/06 MSNBC again aired an hour-long feature contrasting a California attorney-facilitated adoption plan that ended in fraud and a secure and compassionate open adoption handled through Abrazo. The story, which featured Abrazo birthmom Denise Weaver and the Slattery family of North Carolina, underscores the importance of ethical adoption providers, as well as the preliminary education and preparation of all adoption participants.

logoThe Monitor (McAllen, TX) celebrated National Adoption Month by running a November 2005 feature on Abrazomom Dr. Mary Curtiss, a single parent, and her very talented daughter. Dr. Curtis, a college professor, completed a transracial and open adoption which has enabled her child to maintain a positive relationship with her birthfamily while benefitting from all the advantages a loving adoptive home has to offer.

logoTelemundo broadcast a 5/12/05 television interview about adoption, starring Abrazo's Santos family of San Antonio, featuring their beautiful baby girl, and educating Spanish-speaking viewers on the advantages of open adoption within the Latino community.

logoSan Antonio's Fox News affiliate featured Abrazo's director in an on-camera interview, discussing the 1/3/05 airing of the controversial TV program "Who's Your Daddy?" During this interview, Abrazo took advantage of the opportunity to redirect television viewers who may be adopted persons in need of reliable search information to the American Adoption Congress instead.

logoOn 12/24/04, the San Antonio Express-News printed Abrazo's director's defense of beleagured local Child Protective Services caseworkers, in an opinion entitled "Blame the Legislature." (read the letter)

logoThe Mountain Times (Ashe Edition) of North Carolina featured the Rector family, who have adopted twice through Abrazo, in a 11/18/04 newspaper article entitled "Local Couple Shares Happy Adoption Story." (read story)

logoAn Amarillo Globe-News feature article on 10/10/04 "A Typical Family: Understanding Adoption Risks Is Key" cited adoptive family Shannon & Tera Ridgway's successful placement experience with Abrazo as a safeguard against private adoption failures.

logoThe San Antonio Express-News 9/17/04 edition published Abrazo's executive director's perspectives on the Baby Moses law and its shortcomings, in a piece entitled "Adoption Is Alternative."

logoOn November 23, 2003, NBC news affiliate KCBD-Channel 11 in Lubbock, TX aired a feature story on Abrazo family Robert and Christina Barritt's adoption of baby Samuel, entitled "Young Couple Finds Hopes In Power of Prayer." (read story)

logoAbrazo, the Burns family and loving birthmom Amanda were featured on Discovery Health channel's program "Adoption Stories," which aired nationwide on June 23, 2003.

logoThe November 2002 issue of the Christian Banner featured an article entitled "Above All that We Ask or Think: Mid-South Family Shares Joy of Their Adoption Journey" which recounted Abrazomom Susan Word's open adoption experience and its impact on her faith and her family.

logoOn July 28, 2002, the Hallmark Channel's Adoption series aired an hour-long television program featuring Abrazo's placement of newborn triplets born to a loving birthmom who was, herself, an adult adopted at birth. This remarkable adoption was also a feature article in Women's World magazine, in the July 23, 2002 issue, and the subject of a San Antonio Express-News column earlier in the year.

logoThe March 5, 2001 issue of People magazine quoted Abrazo's executive director on page 66 of their cover story on celebrities adopting children.

Abrazo was mentioned in three Indianapolis Star articles in a February 2001 series about an Indiana couple's efforts to adopt a special-needs infant.

logoSan Antonio's Fox News affiliate KABB-TV aired commentary by Abrazo's executive director about California's infamous Internet twins scandal in January 2001.

logoThe BBC (British Broadcasting Company) produced a documentary in July 2000 about domestic adoption in America, featuring Abrazo as a model example of agency adoption. The title, "Baby Business," reveals the unique position that open adoption holds in America; the concept is largely unfamiliar to much of the world outside our country. The program has also aired several times on MSNBC, bringing a vision of the Abrazo adoption experience to viewers on American shores, and on the Australian Broadcasting Company, which hosted a lively discussion about open adoption on their ABC Online site.

logoOn May 21, 2000, the San Antonio Express-News published a "First Person" guest column entitled "Open Adoption Provides Peace," written by Abrazo staffer April Beaty. The article offers a moving account of how it feels to be the birthmother of twins in an open adoption plan.

logoAbrazomom Diane Hogan shared the real-life tale of her family's open adoption experience in a wonderful Jan/Feb 2000 article in Adoptive Families magazine, titled "Open Minds, Open Hearts."

logo"Let There Be Light" is the title of novelist Jacquelyn Mitchard's May 1996 Parenting magazine feature. She describes her first adoption through Abrazo, as a then-single parent of three boys, seeking a daughter.

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