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An extremely young but mature teen contacted Abrazo about making an adoption plan for her coming baby, and with her parents' support, she perused profiles and selected a childless couple with whom she felt at home. That couple, graduates of our 15 Seconds in Partick, Arkansas orientation group of May, 2017 were more than happy to return to San Antonio on short notice, and as a result, this is sure to be one Christmas they will never (ever) forget, because it's going to be their first in Texas, their first as parents, and their first spent as a family of three.  Merry Christmas, indeed! 

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She's a hardworking and loving mom, but when she left her ex and took the kids to start anew, she didn't realize she was again expecting. She knew her own limits, and while there was plenty of lo

Thank you ALL....it was my birthday yesterday.  It was a great gift & blessing that we've prayed for a very long time.  

Six weeks ago, they were just a nervous, excited childless couple attending our February 2017 Happy Endings orientation weekend. They couldn't have known it then, but across Texas, another couple

Congratulations to the newest Parents!  A Christmas story that you will tell over and over again!:wub:

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Yes!   Merry Christmas ? 

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