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In the beautiful season in which so many remember the world changing impact of one young woman's unplanned pregnancy centuries ago, Abrazo is blessed to announce yet another tiny miracle. He was

Some adoptions seem to come together in record time, while others seem to become a far more complex route, for reasons that don't always make sense. Yet time and time again, we've seen that what mat

Our Candy Cornhole family getting is growing so fast!  Congrats to the family of our newest member! 

"To everything (turn, turn, turn)

There is a season (turn, turn, turn)...

And a time for every purpose

Under Heaven."

--Pete Seeger

For adopting parents, it's surely hard to hear that "everything happens when it should," when so many feel so ready to become parents long before they do.

Yet there is something to be said for divine destiny, and how it manifests itself in the process of adoption.

For one West Texas woman working hard to support her family, an unplanned pregnancy was the farthest thing from her mind when she went to the hospital with unexplained abdominal pains over the holidays.

For one South Texas couple who'd been waiting for years to build their family and only came to Abrazo's August 2015 orientation (Chavon Is the New Black) because their church-affiliated adoption agency had shut down, a placement just four months after their profile was ready would seem to be a miracle far too great to be expected.

For one precious, premature baby boy in need of loving parents, though, God surely saw in all these imperfect details a perfect plan in the making.

Angels were dispatched to whisper in the baby's mother's ear. A hospital social worker made a referral to an adoption agency she knew she could trust. A diaper bag company delivered the adoptive parents' ordered merchandise just one day before they got The Call.

And within a matter of days, a new forever family was born... all in God's perfect timing.

May this child and all his parents' lives be blessed, always, and may the unexpected continue to lead them to every purpose under Heaven.

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Welcome to the World Lucas!

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Could there be any sweeter way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a teeny tiny baby? And especially one so very loved by so many?

A mama down on her luck had contacted Abrazo several months ago, hoping to find the right home for her coming child. She reviewed profiles and spoke with prospective families, and was grateful to match with a caring couple from our Chavon Is the New Black orientation weekend of August, 2015.

They spent the last few months getting to know each other, and now the sweet son they share will have a lifetime to love them all. We wish them a very memorable first Valentine's Day together and we celebrate an adoption that truly has been built of nothing but love!

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Welcome to the world ..... Boys Rock

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