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Baby Announcements 2013

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It's amazing how seeing so much more of the story with this placement leaves me struggling to find the right words. My love and prayers go to you Ellen and Sergio. May god guide you and hold you tig

When a San Antonio couple came to speak on Abrazo's panel for our last two orientation weekends, they had no idea that they, too, would be preparing to adopt again in the near future. Yet when a local

Wisconsin welcomes baby Alex! Our kids will play together for years to come. Yep - you've got a kid!!! Enjoy every moment - you deserve it. Warm snuggles, hugs and butterfly kisses. Life is wonderfu

Welcome baby Hannah! Congratulations to the All!

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Once, there were two couples
who grew to love each other...

Both moms can still be "mother,"

both dads can still be "father."

They joined their hearts in hopes that she--
the babe they love-- can always be

precious to each family.

-- By Abrazo, 2013

We join our beloved friends from Abrazo's Who Dis, Partyface? orientation group of March 2013 and their new daughter's first family, in celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby girl who is (and shall always be) so very dear to all of them.

(And cheers for her new big brother and her proud birth siblings, as well.)

Blessings, all!

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Congratulations Steven, Melissa, M and R on the birth of such a beautiful baby girl! It is amazing to see how all of you have come together out of love for your precious angel! Congratulations also to Oliver and all the big, proud siblings!

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Congratulations, Melissa, Steven, M and R on your beautiful daughter! I have been honored to watch the four of you grow so close over the last months! I cannot wait to meet Amelia!

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Been waiting on pins and needles for the official announcement!! Congratulations Steven, Melissa, and Ollie on your newest family member. She is beautiful. I know Grand Mimi is proud too and ready to spoil her! Prayers being said for Amelia's first family who are a very special part of your family.

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Welcome to the world baby Amelia, you are truly loved by so many!

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