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The Adoption Tax Credit

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Whew - what a relief to be able to be done with that headache and know that things are in place!

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So my new year's resolution should be that when I have a question about something I should ask my wife first...

You're learning

I can't pull up that article Elizabeth. I would love to read it since I am one of the "lucky" families that have been chosen to be reviewed due to the adoption credit carry-over from last year. Yay m

That is great!

We are still dealing with ours but you have given us hope!

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Hooray for your family Melissa! Just looking forward now and waiting! :)

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After much delay on my part, we finally received our 2012 refund.

I had filed them incorrectly last year, so I had to refile them.

Due to life in general, I was not able to refile them till this past October (I filed a extension last April), and we received all of it this week.

We are so happy to be done with all of that!

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