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At the suggestion of another Forum member, I'm launching this new section for all of us who are of the Protestant persuasion!

So whether you're Methodist or Lutheran or Church of Christ or Nazarene or Baptist or Episcopalian or AME or Unitarian or Pentecostal or Presbyterian (like me) or some other flavor of the sort, pull up a chair and feel free to dish about your faith and why you believe what you believe and what your church says about adoption or anything else you feel inspired to share.

And here are just a couple "appetizers", in case anyone needs some Protestant food for thought to get some stimulating discussion going here:

A Historical Viiew at the Protestant Perspective on Adoption

Where Have All the Protestants Gone?

Does Being Protestant Impact Your Economic Status?

Children of the Reformation: A Short & Surprizing History of Protestantism & Contraception

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That would be me!!! Great idea! Looking forward to looking through the links you provided.

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Thanks for the articles Elizabeth! My grandpa went to a Presbytarian church and my parents were married there. Is that the same as Protestant?

Heather :)

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From R.M. Bowman:

Definition: Protestant

Any Christian belonging to a sect or denomination descending from those that seceded from the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the Reformation. Originally it referred to those who adhered to the doctrine of Martin Luther and who protested in 1529 against the decree of the Diet of Spires commanding submission to the authority of Rome. The word comes from roots meaning to testify or witness in public. The term does not include those churches who broke with Rome either before or after the Reformation. It thus excludes the Orthodox from whom Rome split in 1054 and the Old Catholics who split in 1870. Most Anglicans reject the term, although it was used by the "Protestant Episcopal Church" in the United States, which broke off from the Church of England in 1789. Episcopalians today are split on the use of the term.

For a quick summary of what the Presbyterian faith is about, click here.

(This link takes you to a funny little book all about the frozen chosen.) :P

And here's an interesting analysis that compares Presbyterian beliefs with those of other denominations:How Protestants Differ.

Plus-- as a bonus-- "You Know You're A Presbyterian, If..."

Who's next? Educate us about your Protestant roots!

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