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Selecting the right family for your baby

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Lisa here...I am so grateful for the opportunity to have continued relationships (on terms under which they are comfortable) with the birthmothers of our two children. I was adopted from Korea back when all adoptions were closed and think that Abrazo is helping to make this a better, more open and more honest process for everyone involved. 

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I can't imagine being in a position where I needed to choose a family... put all my faith in this family... to raise my child, never knowing if the things they told me about themselves (their family h

I read the below submission in a blog called Bumbler's Bumblings today, which is written by an adoptive mom, but her son's birth mother is a guest writer sometimes. The writing below is from her son'

My experience.. When I spoke to the AP's I picked it just "felt right" on a personal level! I didn't know what to expect when I called. I was sure they were going to be just as nervous as I was.

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