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Mikey's now 208 days old!!!

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Hi everybody, first of all the good news... I'M IN DC =) Yeap! I'll be spending some months...well actually 6 months with Mikey =)

I arrived on Aug 30 and will stay 'till Feb 09, Mikey's 1st year b'day!!!

OK, so here's the update:

Mikey has now 3 teeth, two in the bottom and 1 in the top.... there's actually a 2nd one in the top that's coming soon!!!

He's as cute as ever, he now gives kisses and smiles a lot, as always =)

Can you guys believe it...he actually remembers me!!!

These week has certainly been the toughest one for Fabi... her first week at work. Good news is that Mikey has been OK and we just adapted fine!

OK, just wanted to keep you posted and say hi to all!!!

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