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Hi everybody!!! I am so sorry I have been so disconnected, but I've got a good excuse.... MIKEY!!!!!

One of the most exciting days in my life was April 12th 2008, the day started soooo early, had to take a plane from Mex 2 DC. I just couldn't wait to get there and have Mikey in my arms and give him the first godmother's kiss!

All my friends in Mex have been so excited about the baby, my two best friends Pao & Yeimi took me to the airport 5:30 am. Finally I board at 6:30 and take off at 7:00, transfer in Atlanta, and after 7 hrs of flight and waiting, finally I’m in DC 2 o’clock local time.

While approaching to the exit, it was so exciting to see Fabs waving at me, I look for Mikey, but weather wasn’t so good for him to go pick me up at the airport.

We arrive home and Mikey is asleep, finally hold him, my God he’s so small and fragile, the cutest baby in town!

On my first days in DC I was kind of adapting to Mikey, I was at first so afraid to hurt him, to not feed him correctly… Fortunately Fabs stayed at home until April 17, so got the chance to have a quick course on diapers, bottles and taking care of “the little one”.

April 17, our first day together, wwwwwoooowww that was an experience, Mikey was such a good boy!!! He almost never cries – only if he’s too cranky or hungry – otherwise he’s always smiling, likes to sing, read his books, play, workout in his gym, etc. I found out that as time went by, Mikey was staying awake more, so I had to find more fun stuff to do, I suggested Fabs the yoga classes. We ordered a DVD ItsyBitsy Yoga… the first time we tried, Mikey was kind of wondering what was going on, but as he discovered the baby in the TV he just loves his yoga classes and smiles at the baby.

Days went by and I just loved him everyday more and more…. It is so amazing how babies can learn lots of things, grow up so fast, and change so much from one week to another.

I started singing everyday Cri-Cri songs (Mexican songs for kids), saying “Mikey let’s sing”, by the second week Mikey would actually do baby sounds while I was singing…. HE WAS SINGING WITH ME!!!!!!

We would read his “Pat the Bunny” book; it is a fun book where Paul & Judy (book characters) do different things, and then invite the children to do the same… that’s when Mikey learned to play pica boo!!! And by the third week Mikey actually pat the bunny, and put his finger through “mommy’s ring” – a hole in the book.

Mikey received his 4 shots of the two months vaccines on April 24, he was such a brave boy, he only cried when receiving the shots, after he fell asleep and Thank God he did not get any fever!

On May 2nd went with Mommy to work…woow it was like he knew he had to behave. It was so much fun, Mikey was in such a good mood, he kept smiling and flirting with the girls!!!! He drank his bottle and then fell asleep for a while. But was all the time happy and willing to play with everybody, well specially with the girls!

By the third week Mikey already:

- “sang” the songs with us

- grabbed his bottle

- played pica boo

- played with his book

- played with his phone and actually “answer” (I would say Elmo – from his diaper – was calling, and he would actually do baby sounds if I put the phone at his ear!)

- opened and closed his hand (I would show my hand open and he would mimic)

- opened his mouth and say “Ah” (again mimic what I was doing)

Mikey and I spent lots of time together and had lots of fun!

I really Thank God for our little angel, he’s so perfect!

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay longer – okay, okay 3 weeks is really long, but I just don’t want to miss any single day ‘cause they grow so fast and everyday is so different from the one before. So my destiny reached me and had to come back home in May 5th. Again on of my best friends Mariana was there to pick me up and share all the joy and experience with me!

Obviously there are some picks that I would like to share with you:


I am really excited about getting back on June to spend my B’day with the family! Being with Mikey has been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my life.

By the way, thanks all of you for asking about me and thanks also for the best wishes and congrats you have sent.


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- “sings” the songs with us (he loves "El Raton Vaquero")

- grabs his bottle & pacifier

- plays pica boo

- plays with his book - pats the bunny, put his ring through the ring

- grabs his towel and your shirt

- looks at the mirror and smiles at himself

- plays with his phone and actually “answers” (I would say Elmo – from his diaper – was calling, and he would actually do baby sounds if I put the phone close to his ear!)

- opens and closed his hand (I would show my hand open and he would mimic)

- opens his mouth and say “Ah” (again mimic what I was doing)

- sleeps in his cradle

- sleeps from 12 - 6 am

- tries to mimic when you throw him kisses


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Liza, I'm glad Mickey has so many people to love him! :D


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Great photos. Mikey is lucky to have such a loving godmother in his life who is so devoted to spend so much time and really enjoy him.

Take Care.

THey do not stay little very long.



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