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Recently, Abrazo has gotten several inquiries from prospective birthparents interested in placing African-American children ranging in age from 1-3... and we struggle to accommodate them, because their hope is to find their children homes where at least one family member will look like their little one, and the majority of our waiting families are either not African-American OR are seeking only infants. Please help spread the word that Abrazo is in need of racially-diverse adoptive families who are open to toddlers of either gender, who are homestudy-ready and committed to the concept of open adoption! Any interested prospective couples are welcome to call our family services coordinator, Amy Byrd, at 210-342-5683, or visit abrazo.org to learn more about our admissions process. Thank you! 

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We are so close to finalization but not close enough for this baby I. We completely understand their concern. Its far from easy having a baby but wow is it amazing! We know more than ever now that it

A 41-year-old NJ birthmom is seeking an adoptive family in her region of the country for her already-born baby boy, who is full-Anglo and has Down Syndrome. He was born nearly 2 weeks ago, and his bir

How soon can we adopt again??? We would love to give Jordyn a baby brother or sister!! Is this even a possibility?

Abrazo is currently seeking profiles and homestudies for adoptive families who are open to a 5-year-old biracial boy who is hoping for adoptive parents who can provide him the bonus of a brother. Contact Amy at Abrazo if interested in additional info. 

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