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Hey Debra Smith Caught Ya!!!

I hope evereything is going well with ya'll.

You better come see us and bring ole Billy with ya. biggrin.gif 



Hey Holly!

Im trying to get down there. Were in New Braunfels until Wed. butthen we go back on the road that morning. So I wont be able to go to group. sad.gif

We just got back from Vegas...... ummmmm lets just say I glad were back and Im not in a hurry to go back to Vegas. cool.gif

Im really hoping I get to the reunion. I cant promise anythng though. I know I'll be really bummed if I dont get to go.

Billys daughter has signed up on the forum, but I dont know why she hasnt posted yet. Kalin.....where are you????? She loves Jan and Greg and she wanted to get on here to be able to talk to them and everyone else. Shes only 10, but going on 30 real quick. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, things are going good for us (fingers crossed) I hope it stays that way. Hope to see you gals soon!


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Hi Debra,

She's been posting!!!! (Kalin), Check out All About You! under "Abrazo Kids Clubhouse"

Her screen name is KALINSMITH so you can find her under members that way too!

Hi Kalin!!! Welcome to the forum!!!


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Thanks for the info on Kalin. I found her too.


What happen in Las Vages. Did Billy not win laugh.gif Can't wait to hear about your trip. How was your frist plane ride? I guess I could just PM but it is just easier this way.


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Besides, we ALL love Debra and Billy and want to know how they're doing at all times! biggrin.gif

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sorry its taken so long to reply. Weve been in the Nashville area for a week now and driving in these hills most of the time I dont have a signal for the internet. Were stuck in rush hour traffic right now in Nashville so maybe I can type this message and get it posted before I lose my signal again. Jan, I got Annies pictures (both snail mail and email). She is sooooo pretty! She has the cutest smile too!! biggrin.gif

Vegas was ok, we had a lot of fun, but now Ive "been there done that" so Im not in a hurry to do it again. Billy won a lot of money there, but we came back busted haha. Its ok though, we went there to have fun and thats what we did. The plane ride was terrible. Not in a hurry to ever do that again either. I was so scared at take off I almost passed out and started crying like a baby. I had to hide my face on Billys shoulder so nobody could see me being a little sissy. I was ok while we were in the air, but when we started to decend it felt like we were never going to land and I almost got sick. dry.gif

The plane ride back wasnt so bad. I didnt cry, pass out, or get sick so I guess it was good.

Sorry to hear the birthparent reunion is no longer a go, but I dont think I would have been able to make it anyway. I hope I will get to go to the next one.

Next month were taking all the kids camping at Bastrop state park. We rented a cabin for 4 days. I cant wait!!!!! Im really excited to go. Im sure all the kids will love it too.

I guess thats all for now.

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Guest pamelaz
    Next month were taking all the kids camping at Bastrop state park. We rented a cabin for 4 days. 


Bastrop St. Park?! I love that place! it is sooo beautiful! make sure you guys take an early morning hike through the pine trees and along the lake. Its breathtaking. Or maybe you can catch a dogwood in bloom, those delicate white blossoms are quite a sight against the rough pines. Either way, you guys will have a great time, there is so much to see and do. If you get a chance to check out Bastrop make sure you go to the Old tyme soda fountain for a coke float. Oh, and don't forget to post pictures of the trip!

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