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  1. Stork Central

    Background Checks

    One of the first things adoptive families need to do upon beginning the adoption process is complete their background checks. This must be done for obvious reasons; if one is seeking to adopt another person's child, it is incumbent upon the adopter to prove that there is nothing in their background that would be potentially unsafe for a child, and there is nothing to preclude the courts from approving an adoption. Texas couples wait for Abrazo's Family Services Coordinator to submit their identifying information to TDFPS; a records check and a CANRIS (central child abuse/neglect registry) scan is done, and then the couple is cleared to undergo fingerprinting through MorphoTrust. No homestudy can be completed and no adoption activities such as matching can commence prior to the entire background check being cleared and received by Abrazo. Out-of-state couples must submit to background checks run in their home state by their homestudy worker, and they must also allow Stacy to run their records check and CANRIS scan through TDFPS, with repeated fingerprinting through MorphoTrust to follow (yes, even if MorphoTrust is the same company who did their fingerprints through their home state. And yes, you have to pay MorphoTrust twice, even though it makes absolutely no sense to any of us-- because Texas has a mltimillion dollar exclusive contract with MorphoTrust. Go figure.) Here are some useful links for those trying to comprehend the background check requirements: https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Child_Care/Information_for_Providers/faq_bkgd_ck_foster_adpt_homes.asp http://www.lac.org/toolkits/ASFA/asfa.htm Certain convictions can exempt an adoptive applicant from being able to adopt in the State of Texas: http://icpcstatepages.org/texas/criminalbackground/ Applicants with violations who wish to seek "proof of rehabilitation" from the State in order to attempt to adopt despite infractions identified in the list above need to contact Abrazo's Family Services Coordinator for more information on all the documentation needed for that process. (Please be forewarned that it is a labor-intensive process that requires originals of all relevant court documents as well as professional assessments, etc. Additional fees may apply.)