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  1. Beautiful baby, Joe and Kim. We hope all is well and you get to go home soon. Much love to your new family!
  2. Congratulations and blessings to the newest family...you are beautiful!
  3. In our consumption of being new parents, we almost missed this glorious post and all the wonderful praises that followed. As I began reading, I had this feeling of "wow, that sounds just like us". I began to cry out loud as I read the words aloud to Denny. To whomever issued this heartfelt post from the Abrazo staff, we thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts. I do not think our story could be summed up with such eloquence. To all those that commented, we thank you for your warm thoughts and sentiments. And to all of you, we praise God for your understanding, compassion, and empat
  4. Who is it? We are dying to know! Congratulations and God bless to the new family!
  5. Beautifully stated intent of every parent! Bravo!
  6. Not just beautiful, but inspiring. Well done...I will print this and place it in our future child's baby book! It is awesome! In conjuction with that, I love this phrase: “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine
  7. Wow, what an inspirational thread. The ignorance of others is sometimes quite overwhelming. We have matched with a birthfamily in Texas...she is hispanic and he is caucasion. We have rejoiced in sharing the news. I must admit that one of our friends and neighbors is somewhat a prejudiced. There have been several instances when my husband and I left the room when he was talking. It doesn't matter the ethnicity... he has something to say about everyone. We finally had to tell him how uncomfortable it made us. While he made no apologies, he is not so boisterous when we are around anymore
  8. Elizabeth, How funny! Only you could come up with that You are soooo, bad!
  9. That is sweet confirmation that families can be chosen and not just "born". We are all family in the eyes of God...this letter proves it!
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