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  1. Dale told me not to look. We are not hs ready, but absolutely praying for these little ones!
  2. While I think it is preposterous that this woman's child was taken because she didn't speak English, I am more bothered by the fact that tax dollars are continually used dealing with these issues because of undocumented workers coming into the country.
  3. Mari, continuing to think of you and Lauranda and pray for healing and strength for you all!
  4. Elizabeth, the article also mentions "years of planning." I'm guessing he never stumbled upon Abrazo or the forum in his planning, but I just hope for the sake of his child, that he gets it at some point!
  5. Good for him, but he could have thought better about the way he phrased things. Talking about the fat, ugly 16-year-old that had been to many of these and knew he/she wouldn't be adopted, but he found a "cute" one??? Maybe I read it the wrong way, or am in a bad mood, it just hit me wrong.
  6. Congratulations to the newest family! I look forward to hearing more!!!
  7. Doesn't that make catching up fun!!!! Congratulations Nicole, Raj, and Rocco!!! What a wonderful announcement!
  8. Jim, Andrea, and Gavin, so many happy tears for your family!!! I can't wait to meet that precious little girl and will continue lifting your newly expanded family in prayer...especially this first family.
  9. Congratulations Brett and Barbara!!! Wonderful news!!! Keeping all the new first families in my prayers.
  10. Curtis and Penny, doing the happy dance!!! Can't wait to meet Millie!!
  11. Congratulations to the newest family!!! Eric and Tara, you have been prayed for and I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!
  12. SO VERY HAPPY TO READ THIS ONE!!!! Continuing to pray for all involved.
  13. Mari, I do thank you so very much for sharing this journey with us. Even when we do have contact with our children's first parents, we don't always know a fraction of what they are going through and the toll it has taken on them and their families. Your openness is wonderful, but I am so very sorry that you have been through this.
  14. Congratulations! What a wonderful story, and I think that two is the perfect number, too!
  15. Mari, I'm so sorry! I hope that she is fine now, but I cannot begin to imagine how scary that was for you!
  16. I've been waiting for this announcement! Congratulations to the newly formed family!!!!
  17. Thanks again, Elizabeth! For us one of the blessings of being a bit older is that we have taken the time to talk about some of these thoughts over the years, and had (probably over-) analyzed our parents' parenting and made some choices based on that.
  18. If only you knew how many other people echoed the way you feel/felt. (((Mari))) A common ground for all of us...with those of use that deal with infertility, too!
  19. Mari, don't worry about how it looked. I am sure many of us read it through watery eyes! It is such a blessing to have the benefit of hearing the stories of those that have been on the placing side. I went to a home show party last night, and the girls that held it have a picture of our girls on their fridge. It usually gives me a chance to share our story with someone new and give them my perspective on those that have sacrificed through placing. I was able to give someone a different way of looking at the act of placing, and I am grateful for that. I think that one of the things that can eventually come from more open adoptions is changing the public's view of first moms and families. Your daughter (and you and your mom) are struggling with a loss. Feeling like you can't talk about it in many areas of your life because of a negative connotation is terrible. I hope that one day soon everyone will realize what a loving and sacrificial act placement is, and honor and support the brave women and families that choose it.
  20. This is one I would double check with the ladies on. You may just be able to send the original approved homestudy and get an update prior to placement, but I could be totally wrong on that!
  21. There are a few of us on here that can certainly attest to the need for more open special needs and racial preferences. This is not to slam those that have decided that they really can't work through placement of a full African American child or one that has special needs, but if your heart is so inclined, don't hesitate to let Abrazo know. We have two African American daughters (one placed through Abrazo) and think it is a wonderful thing. Not that we have it easy, we live in a racially charged area and people don't hesitate to share their opinion on our family! Nichole was a "Nursery Note" as they did not have a waiting family that was open to full AA. The Stork posted a need, we responded and the rest is history!! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me or ask on the open forum if you would prefer!
  22. Oh my goodness. Sending up prayers for the family.
  23. Paula, I think that is awesome! We have pics for Nichole, but even though I have sent repeated requests, we have yet to receive anything from Arianna's family. We are looking forward to camp this summer as on the way back we will stop in Houston and see C!!!
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