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  1. Elizabeth, I will say here that you got my attention with a few PMs that went between us. I was one that said that my family would have a problem with adopting an African American child. I really did believe that, as my father has a slang reference for just about all ethnic groups. I received a few direct statements from Elizabeth that really made me question my motives. I see my dad a couple of times per year. It would crush me if I had a child that he wouldn't accept, but I would survive it. When we received the call about an AA baby girl needing a home, I still wasn't quite sure about it. Through prayer I knew that this little girl was for us. We had been down some rough roads leading up to it, but all those roads led to her. Dad wasn't very receptive when I called to tell him about the match. Now he is so excited and is ready to come see her. He was very upset that the ice storm last weekend prevented them from coming. He has referred to her as his grandbaby, which made my heart rejoice. It has been a prayer at our church and in me that dad would be able to embrace her as his grandchild. My children will be the only ones he has. I can't wait for him to meet her. For anyone that is waiting for a child, please seek an open mind to a transracial adoption, including African Americans. You will face some challenges, but it is SO very worth it! Elizabeth, give us about a year or so, and we will see about one of those sweet babies!
  2. Wow, now the additions are coming in! Congratulations to the Singh family!
  3. Congratulations to the proud aps and welcome to the precious little one!
  4. Arianna is a beautiful name. -Adam Thanks! We agree, which is one of the reasons we were happy to keep it for her. The way things look with her bps, it may be one of the few things she will have from them. We really like it!
  5. Well, we received our letter today officially closing our inquiry. We are so happy to have Arianna, but we think it would have been great fun to work with Abrazo (since we pretty much had to do all the requirements anyway!). The ladies seem like a riot. Maybe next time!
  6. Congratulations! What a great Christmas gift!
  7. We have always planned to adopt to grow our family. It has been something I have wanted to do pretty much ever since I can remember. We found out last year that I had medical conditions that would keep me from carrying a pregnancy to full-term. I was devastated, but I believe that God had been preparing me for that for many years. I handled it and started moving on with my life. Then around Mother's Day this year I got MAD!!! Why had God given me such a strong desire to be a mommy only to take that hope away from me? I hadn't taken the time to grieve that part of the loss. These forums have helped me to see that we absolutely want to parent...who gives birth is secondary for us. All I can say is I am so thankful for a God big enough to take my anger. I fell away from church for a while. I had friends continuing to pray. I am so grateful to say that He has mended that part of my heart and has placed many people from my past in my adoption path. Last night at Hearts for Adoption (for those in Memphis) it was shared how much of a faith-building exercise adoption can be. Anyone who knows me can attest that I accomplish pretty much anything I set my mind to. The thing with adoption is, I don't have any control. Talk about having to walk in faith! As for when to say when? For us there hasn't been much reason for treatment. If I get were to get pregnant, I have little to no chance of making it to term. My doctor has strongly suggested treatment that would result in sterilization. I haven't taken him up on that just yet as the med works for me. Thank you so much for all the encouragement on here. Bravo to the Abrazochicks for creating this forum. Whether we end up accepted by Abrazo or not, I truly appreciate your heart and your passion for creating families!!!
  8. That is wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes just readin the shirts! I hope that when the time comes I look at it as expecting!! (Sometimes I am too logical for my own good!!!)
  9. What a horrible thing to happen to a child! Denial is one of the things that scares me at this point. Thank you for posting this information and letting us know that one denial doesn't mean all will. I am fairly new to the adoption world, but I have a sweet friend that has been there and is walking beside me! Elizabeth, thank you so much for being in Memphis last Wednesday. I enjoyed hearing (and seeing) your passion for adoption and speaking with you afterward.
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