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  1. Congratulations to all the newest families!
  2. Congratulations to the newest families! Many blessings to all!
  3. Congratulations Tara, Eric, and Hugo!
  4. May the sun shine in the lives of this newly enlarged family, to see you all through the rain! God please send your warmth and comfort and a future full of joy!
  5. Congratulations Johh, Erin, and big sis Azucena!
  6. Congratulations Kristin and Rich and big brother! Many blessings on you all and baby girl's first family!
  7. Congratulations Dale, Jennifer, and Amelia! I am so happy to see this news. Hoping you are enjoying the first days of parenthood. God bless Amelia's first family!
  8. Congratulations and God Bless the newest family!
  9. Congratulations Tanya and Andrew and baby boy. It is wonderful when a new family is created. God bless the brave first Mama and be with her in her time of need.
  10. Congratulations new family! Blessings to you and all who love this little girl!
  11. Congratulations to the newest family! The first placement of the new year! May there be many more!
  12. God bless! 4 years in a coma-- so tragic!
  13. Congratulations Amy and Craig! What a wonderful miracle God has created in making your family. Prayers of comfort for this baby boy's first family, too!
  14. Congratulations to the newest family! The rewards are so sweet whether you are the first in your group to place or the last! Prayers of comfort for this little girls first family and blessings to all!
  15. Congratulations to Pete and Joanne and little Anthony. What a wonderful Halloween surprise. Many blessings for a healthy, happy family life. God send your comfort to Anthony's first family, since they made such a selfless decision for him.
  16. Congratulations Steven and Melissa! How wonderful it is to finally hold your baby in your arms! May you be blessed with a happy, healthy family. God send your loving comfort, to little Oliver's birthfamily. P.S. What a great name you've given your new little man!
  17. Congratulations and blessings to all who love this little boy!
  18. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Blessings to this little boy and his whole family!
  19. Congratulations and prayers for you all!
  20. Congratulations to the new family. Prayers for this little girl and all who love her.
  21. Congratulations Gina, Ernie, and Diego on your beautiful little pink bundle of joy! Blessings and prayers for all of Isa's family!
  22. God Bless His Soul! And the two daughters that will never get to meet him.
  23. Congratulations and blessings! How wonderful! Prayers for this little girl's first family.
  24. What an awesome announcement! Hooray for the last couple in this group, from the last couple in ours-- the waiting may be the hardest part, but the reward is so sweet! Congratulations!!!! How wonderful!
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