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  1. happily parenting God's greatest blessing!

  2. If you want to stay in touch, please email me at: adam_c_ryan@yahoo.com

    Take care!

  3. Ours was similar. You just never know. It took a few weeks to process our Inquiry and get an Application. We applied just after the last published 2006 Orientation date (Nov). We thought it would be Jan/Feb of the next year before we received an invitation for Orientation. Next thing ya know, we were Approved and invited to a new December Orientation only 3 weeks away! Everything kicked into high gear, we went to Orientation, had our first birthmother call 5 days after leaving (Homestudy was already complete), 12 birthmother calls and a few months later had the "right" match come thru, a
  4. Best wishes to you Brandy. While I can't speak for the Abrazo team, I can tell you in my experience, I've see that their response times can vary depending many other things going on at the agency (Orientations, training, BABIES! being delivered, Intakes, etc....). It is an exciting time and I'm sure you are full of anticipation. My best advice is to be patient as it probably won't be long before you hear something and once on board, it's a wild ride! I wish you all the best on your journey towards growing your family through adoption and hope that it is a good fit between you and Abraz
  5. My pleasure. It's rather simple but seems to cover all the basics of living a life of Faith
  6. This is one of my favorite prayers that we would use to close every Mass. (other than "This Mass has ended, let us go forth and serve God") It is simply called the Parish Prayer was written by our priest at the time, Father Michael Tracey (aka Father Mike) -gotta love the good ol' Irish priests ) Lord: As a parish family we come to you; We come from different walks of life; Different countries, customs and experiences; Yet we come in one Faith to worship You; Form us into a loving, caring family; Gift us with openness to You and each other; May we never tire in our desire
  7. Dan, it's not just you, I too had never heard of him. I saw the news article on Yahoo! at lunchtime. I can't view YouTube from work, but perhaps will catch it this weekend.
  8. Thanks Laural He was a good sport and we are happy (and relieved) to have it done. -A
  9. Never fear Susan! I've never found you to be long winded and I'd be willing to bet money that I'm much longer winded As my coworkers can attest, I can write a novel just to say "YES" I like to think of it as being "very thorough" in my responses
  10. Monica, First, what a beautiful avatar photo. What a precious little girl Excellent post too. The tough journey we experienced with a failed placement followed a year later by a failed match was (for us) actually harder for us than the disappointments we faced with infertility. All of those events though were very tough and should not be taken lightly. My heart goes out to all those who hurt in their struggle to become a parent. Coming to terms is indeed very important. The tough times may never be forgotten, but once you have been blessed with a child, it does make them diminish gre
  11. Thanks for sharing in our joy Elizabeth and Susan We're going to have the poem printed & laminated and it will go in Nathan's baby book. At this rate, I'm going to need a bigger baby book for him as we've documented so many special times and so many baby's Firsts! It's hard to believe this little tyke of mine is almost 1 year old already Peace be with you all, Adam
  12. We had Nathan baptised this weekend and it went extremely well. Little Man was very well behaved and even "hammed it up" with the congregation as he yelled Da-Da-Da!, smiled, and then started clapping once the baptism had taken place. It was a hoot. Today I received an email from a church friend who said he had written this poem Sunday based on "Nathan's baptism and our happiness". I thought it was very nice and quite special and wanted to share: Poem by: Alan Sefton This Child May He Thanks be to God for this child... May he be slow to anger with temperment mild May he gr
  13. Best wishes to all those families created through adoption, old and new. Extra congrats to all the new first time parents. God is Good, all the time! -Adam
  14. DWWCUTMWBWNBABMUSGBAWNBOSBMUWTP it is! Thanks for that oh brave woman! Good laugh -A
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