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  1. If that were the case, why do milk banks exist?
  2. Here's a brand-new, just-went-live compendium of resources from the most excellent Creating a Family site: http://www.creatingafamily.org/adoption-resources/breastfeeding-the-adopted-child.html In specific reply to Suzi's post above, I quote:
  3. Because, in the distant and unforeseeable future, someone might read this thread, and I may not be able to respond to them personally, I want to address Evelyn's concerns (who, by the way, seems to have the MOST enlightened husband EVER.) The lack of ability to plan for an adoption is the cause of a vast deal of anxiety - how to arrange for your nursery, your parental leave, your travel plans are just a few that come to mind - but that does not stop you from adopting, and neither should it prevent you from nursing your child if that is something that you are interested in and motivated to do.
  4. I don't post much, but it seems to me that church should return the funds.
  5. I haven't posted on the Forum for almost two years, since I was having a really difficult time with our adoption journey. Based on my Forum postings, Shelley took it on herself to find our phone number and call me. She gave me an hour or so of her time, lifting my spirits and assuring me that all would work out if we stuck with it. She was right, of course. I just want to attest to her kindness, consideration, and wisdom. Best, Kay
  6. Trying again: http://www.heartfeltadoption.com/newbabies.htm It sure looks real to me.
  7. I'm not quite sure where to put this, but I'm FLABBERGASTED by the language on this facilitator's homepage: http://www.heartfeltadoption.com/newbabies.htm. I cringe at the use of "available" to refer to "birthmothers" who haven't placed yet, but I my jaw just dropped at this: Editing to add this:
  8. Did you see this, Heidi? Black Rabbi Reaches Out to Mainstream of His Faith After reading this fascinating article, I was further impressed to learn that he is Michelle Obama's cousin. Best, Kay
  9. Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful day. I'm so happy for the relationships you have with your children's birthfamilies. Best, Kay
  10. Hoorah for Michelle and Jeff and the courageous people who made them parents! Enjoy this special time. Best, Kay
  11. Dearest Wendy and Jason, We couldn't be happier for you, and we're sending all our hopes for peace and comfort to your dear friend. I can't wait to hear his name and see a picture! Best, Kay
  12. Also, you might want to talk to Angela before you go through the trouble and expense of updating your homestudy. Texas law has a requirement that it be updated within 30 days of placement, so it might be better to wait. I don't know all the details, but Angela will! Best, Kay
  13. Hi Hot Mamma, It's so good to see you here and to hear your thoughts on Juno. We really appreciate your perspective. I hope you post more!!! Best, Kay
  14. I'm so sorry that I missed this announcement in real time, but I've been working non-stop for 24 hours and away from a computer. However, it doesn't diminish my absolute joy for my dear dear friends, Jennifer and Steve, big brother Leon, and their very very special friend. I hope that this is a time of comfort and joy for all of you. Please know you are in my heart, even when I am away. Happy happy day! Best, Kay
  15. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing for all involved. Best, Kay
  16. Daryn and Marc and dearest MJ, May all blessings rain down upon your Ohana. Best, Kay
  17. Oh, Karen and Bernie, we are so happy for you. Congratulations. I pray for your birthfamily. Best, Kay
  18. The silence is finally explained!!! Congratulations, Brian and Cathy. All the best to you and the birthmom, Kay
  19. What a wonderful way to remember Leap Day! Congratulations, mysterious tweeners. Can't wait for you to introduce yourselves. Best, Kay
  20. And I'm pretty srure that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania actually pays the homestudy cost too.
  21. Woohooo! Congratulations. I'm so so happy for the lifelong connections you are making. Blessings for you, your whole family, and the dear birthmother. Best, Kay
  22. I thought this article in today's New York Times gave an interesting perspective on why it can be SO HARD to leave behind the options of infertility treatments or international adoption. The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors by John Tierney Best, Kay
  23. Hey Karen, Perfectly said! I can take no credit for Darren's brilliant economic mind, I believe all the credit goes to his dad for that one. (And his mom gets the credit for his emotional sensitivity.) I do have a question though: how do you talk about adoption fees with an adopted child when they grow old enough to understand? Do children draw conclusions about their worth from differential fee structures? Has anyone had experience with this? (I mean, beyond rude questions from strangers about "how much did you pay for her?") Best, Kay
  24. Welcome! What a beautiful photo!

  25. How convenient that you are going to be in Texas anyway!!!! All the best wishes to you both. Congratulations, Kay
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