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  1. Congratulations Mark, Laurie and Big Sister Bailey. And welcome to another Lubbock Abrazo Baby! What a blessing to be able to raise your two girls together and be reunited with their firstmom, too. Oh the joys that open adoption can bring, even in the midst of confusion and loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
  2. I agree with Toni. I've been watching for this and still missed it by 5 pages! Congratulations to Brennan's whole family on welcoming him so lovingly into the world. May all of you be blessed beyond measure. All our love, Christina, Robert, Samuel and Abigail
  3. Well, it looks like I gave up too early last night. I last checked in about 10:15, when I was delighted to see that our Abrazados alumni, Erik and Nichole, had taken placement of Baby Girl #2, but thought they must be waiting 'til today for the Wombles. Oh well! It was great news to log into this morning. Congratulations to both families!! Good work, Abrazo ladies!! Love, Christina
  4. cgrace


    Amanda, Abrazo only accepts as many families as they feel they have a legitimate ability to match and place within a given year. So, that's the numeric limitation. There are applicants they don't accept into the full-service program for reasons other than numbers, but as you say, you're flexible, etc. and so are less likely to be "rejected" on those grounds. The process probably feels long, waiting for replies to inquiry, then application, etc. It's a waiting game, but you must trust that you will find the right agency for you and your child will be in your arms when the time is right.
  5. Oh, so well said, as usual, Lisa. Thanks for amplifying my point. Christina
  6. Elizabeth, Thanks for the compliments. And no, I don't want to field all those questions. (Or the ones from people who want to pretend to want an open adoption until they take placement or finalize). I hope I didn't go beyond my call, but I felt some real life situations would help show what might appear on the horizon for prospective adoptive families. Families really need to have a good grasp of what adoption is going to require of them. I've tried to emphasize this in other posts. There are so many areas of our lives that are/will be touched by adoption, we need to be ready. Financ
  7. Dear Transitioning from Dog Mom, You'll find most people reticent about talking real numbers here. I think they don't want to sound like buying and selling, etc. And there are so many variables. Still, finances are an important issue in this process, so I'm going to give you a little more info to use to make your own plans. You can get good numbers estimates from Abrazo, but here are a few cases I know about or am familiar with that can show the ranges you might expect. I know of an adoption in which the case estimate (that's the paper faxed or delivered to prospective adoptive parent
  8. cgrace


    I know some of you may find this last message disheartening, but please don't. Abrazo is an awesome agency, as the many testimonials on this Forum continue to extole (sp?). However, it isn't the only agency and it isn't the best agency for every family, birth or adoptive. We all come into this process with specific needs and expectations. Abrazo tries to clearly state its needs and expectations so that those interested can choose wisely. And hopefully, you state yours clearly to them in your communications and paperwork so that the two sides can get an honest picture and judge whether th
  9. cgrace

    Home Study

    Dear Transitioning and Others, Beyond gifts and nursery, start examining your heart and home to make sure it's ready for the new lives you wish to welcome there. It is very easy to be all "Baby Fever" and not all that "Baby Wise". The joy and exuberance are wonderful, but temper them with realistic expectations. If you've been through infertility (which you probably have or you wouldn't be here) you probably are ready for only a positive experience. I know we were. But, no road to parenthood is completely smooth. So, strap in for the ride, know you're among friends, and know that there
  10. cgrace

    Home Study

    "With Abrazo it is NEVER too soon to start thinking about nursery stuff!!" Or in our case, for Baby number 2. But remember, your willingness to open your home to your child is your key to success here. You are building a family that will more than likely include one or more birthfamily members, in addition to your new child. Start preparing your heart to grow inconceivably larger and you'll be ready for whatever comes your way. Christina
  11. Claudia, Yes, we have family there! Our birthmom! We reestablished contact at the end of May and plan to visit her next weekend. It is a verrrrrrrrry long drive (11 hours), but we feel it's worth it. Right now, we're waiting to hear from her to make our final plans. Last year we stayed at the hotel behind Rudy's in Pfarr. (Holiday Inn Express, I think) Don't know where we're staying this year. Birthmom is actually in Donna, but everything seems to run together. Are there fun (and cool) places to go with lots of kids? We'll have 6 between us. Last year we went to S. Padre and thi
  12. Perhaps Owen needs a "little" sister to cherish before he gets that little brother to play with We're on our way to the Valley next weekend but Robert told me "No!". Spoil sport. We'll keep these BOGs in our prayers as well as their birth and adoptive families (whoever they will be). Christina
  13. Um, ours were single sided pages. But a total of 6 pages. I don't know what the ruling from on high is on this, but all the samples they ever gave us were six pages they had stapled together. Full-color fronts and completely blank backs. Remember, the original will stay with Abrazo, so if you really want to keep it, make two. And then you'll provide Abrazo with 10 full-color, card-stock copies and they'll use your copies/mail/fax fee to make more (from the original) if necessary. Perhaps a friendly staff member will give final word on the layout so you don't have to make any overseas
  14. Okay, I know I didn't get a chance to meet all of you today, but you now know who I am. I am well-acquainted with one of the againer couples so am truly dying to know which one of you took placement. We're so excited for you all and very glad to have had the opportunity to share our story alongside those awesome birthmoms. How humbled we were in their presence. Very glad that you all got to hear from them, too, as I know it will help you bring this process into perspective. Good luck all, and will the blessed couple please 'fess up!!!! Christina
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