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  2. BridgetLAA

    What made you pick Abrazo?

    Mostly the experice of a friend who had adopted twice through Abrazo. I spoke to her a year before we were ready to adopt and then again after our failed IVF. She LOVED Abrazo and was tremendously happy with her decision. I never looked at another agency. I felt comfortable with Abrazo from the beginning not only from my friend's experience but by the way things were handled when we began the process. Everything went so smoothly that I even asked my husband - "Does this seem a little too easy?" "This doesn't seem like it should be this easy".
  3. BridgetLAA

    "Why is it we always want more?

    Speaking from my experience as an only child it does have its ups and downs but I always longed for a sibling. Now that I am older I think I long for it even more as I see my husband and his family. He has 2 other brothers, both married and one has a child. They have each other and his parent's house is always full on holidays or even on a leisure weekend when we visit. Everyone comes over and hangs out. I just don't have that at my parent's house- its just the 5 of us. I hope to adopt again, hopefully before Lucas gets too big and we get too comfortable with a settled routine. Yes, I too like my sleep and I think, when we he gets older, things will get easier. But my dream for Luke is to have a full house for the holidays, to have siblings, and future neices and nephews and brother or sister-in laws. I think I would love to have a house full of grandchildren too
  4. BridgetLAA

    Open Adoption

    I am a little behind on this thread and just caught up. Tina, first of all I could feel my blood pressure rise as you described your situation in your Sunday school class. I would have exploded but I was so glad you were able to express yourself so well and really educate not only the other AP but the class in general. I wish you didn't have to deal with such a frustating issue in a place you intend on finding peace and worship but I think that HE probably put you there for very good reason. I hope what you said meant something to the other AP if not now then hopefully some day. Jada, thank you for your candid posts. I pray you get the contact with your daughter that you deserve and that she deserves. I know from my child's persective that it will be important for him to know his BP and Birthsister. But reading your posts I know that the relationship is also good for our BP. Like you she gave up a great deal and deserves contact. I know sometimes that she seems distant but I know she still cares for her son and that she wants to know- after all she too signed up for open adoption.
  5. BridgetLAA

    Nursery Notes

    Praying that Angela finds the perfect family for this sweet baby or that they appear to our Abrazo ladies soon. I know you all have been working hard to find him a family that will love him and snuggle him. Praying that all of your persitance and love for this child pays off soon with a family to call his very own. God bless. Bridget
  6. BridgetLAA

    In Memoriam

    God bless Jason Chris and his family. May they all be comforted in this time of great sorrow.
  7. BridgetLAA

    Open Adoption

    I run into the same issues over and over again. I get exhausted too and try to avoid the adoption converstion with new people. I don't mind telling others Lucas's story but when the negative comments and questions start I get frustrated. I think for those who have chosen closed adoption they may feel defensive when we speak about keeping our birthfamilies close and how we learned that it is best for our children. We all want to do what is best for our kiddos but it is hard to explain to a person who has chosen a different route to growing their families how we feel it is best for our family and children without upsetting them. I have that difficulty with a close friend who was adopted through closed adoption trying to explain our situation without her gettting defensive so I just avoid the topic all together. At the end of the day knowing what we have done to grow our family by including our child's birthfamily is the best for him and all concerned is the best feeling. Not only for Lucas but for his birthmother, birthsister and birthgrandmother and for us. And I know that I can only educate so many people and best of all educate Lucas to be proud of his family- birth and adoptive. Hopefully that will be enough to protect him from other's ignorance.
  8. BridgetLAA

    Nursery Notes

    I just caught up on this lastest angel. Praying for his forever family to find him soon to scoop him up and give him all of the love he needs and deserves. Praying for all that are caring for him in his nursery.
  9. BridgetLAA


    Welcome Liza! You'll find being a Godparent is the most wonderful experience. My husband and I were blessed to become godparents 3 times before we were placed with our own special angel. Our oldest Godchild is now 6 yrs old and she connects with us in a special way. She even calls Lucas her "godbrother". It is so cute! I have always felt like it is like having a parent type connection. Its been wonderful. Blessings to you! Bridget
  10. BridgetLAA

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Joe and Kim- congratulations to you and your family!
  11. BridgetLAA

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations to Marcelo, Claudia, Dante and little Serenity! It wasn't all that long ago you shared your journey to Dante at our orientation and it changed our lives. So glad to see you have added another sweet baby to your wonderful family. Blessings to you and your birthfamily. Bridget
  12. BridgetLAA

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Such a beautiful happy family! Congrats!!!!
  13. BridgetLAA

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations Andy, Ewa and sweet Lilly Cate!!!! What a wonderful surprise for you both. Praying you have a safe trip home from El Paso. We look forward to seeing more pictures of your darling baby girl. Best wishes from Efrain and I both!!!!
  14. BridgetLAA

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Dee and Bart, Congratulations on your new baby girl! She is gorgeous! Blessings to you and your new daugher and birthmother.
  15. Jean and Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your posts and opening our minds and our hearts. I am learning so much. Thank you, Thank you. Bridget