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  1. What a fabulous way to start this blessed holiday season. Sweet wishes for all the new families! Ellouise
  2. I'm so excited for all the new forever families. A special congratulations to our final Fishy Family -- Erika, Keith & Briton. We pray your journey is a smooth and wonderful one! Congratulations and many blessings on all of you, Ellouise & David
  3. Wowzie! The Abrazo miracles keep pouring in. Congratulations, Brett & Traci. And our prayers continue with you on this wonderful experience and with your birthfamily as they continue their journey. God bless the beautiful new family -- and that sweet, sweet Lauren Isabel. David & Ellouise
  4. Boy, did I pick a super day to get back to the forum or what?!?!?! Congratulations to both new families. Special prayers to Heather and Shawn, our fellow fishies. God blesses those who wait ... and wait ... Ellouise
  5. Boy oh boy! You leave the forum to buy and house and finalize an adoption and come home to find Adam and Beth with baby Nathan! Congratulations! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your birthfamily. May God continue to bless you and your new family. David & Ellouise
  6. Congratulations, Kurt & Sherry. Your new family is so, so sweet! God bless you all. Ellouise & David
  7. What a sweet first family photo! Congratulations and we hope your first days with your little one are wonderful. Ellouise
  8. Congratulations to the new family. Baby Victoria is a real beauty!
  9. Congratulations on the addition to your family! Can't wait to see pictures. Blessings all around, Ellouise
  10. Can't believe it! A week with no Internet and look what happens. Congratulations, B & E. Your sweet baby boy looks precious. Our thoughts and continued prayers are with you and your birthfamily. David & Ellouise
  11. Truly Amazing Grace! Congratulations Cornish Clan. And our thoughts, prayers and best wishes to everyone. God bless you all.
  12. Congratulations to the new family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your very special birthparents.
  13. Congratulations, Ernie & Gina. You all look soooo happy! What a sweet, sweet baby. Blessings!
  14. Congratulations Jennifer & Doug! Your Party of Six is official. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. May you have a wonderful, exciting, peaceful, loving, fabulous new family!
  15. Congratulations, Claudia, Marcelo and Dante. Your beautiful Serenity is such a wonderful addition to your family. God bless you and your new extended family.
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