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  1. Laura & Eric

    Positive Adoption Language

    That's true! I remember when we were matched with our birthmom. I was very excited at becoming a mother myself but I had to remind myself we were NOT Yet parents until she placed Jack a few days later. Those 48 hours were very hard but I had to keep in mind that I needed to take care of her needs too! It all worked out! Laura
  2. Laura & Eric

    Managing Adoption Expenses

    If you wanted to carry the analogy further....the same could be said for children born through expensive fertility and IVF treatments...many not covered by insurance...with costs upward of $50,000 or more....versus babies conceived without medical intervention? A friend of mine conceived through multiple fertility treatments and IVF with her first child....then once she had carried a pregnancy to term, was able to conceive "naturally" about 14 months later with her second child. Would she say that one child was more valuable than the other, and had more worth just because a medical procedure was carried out by a doctor who specialized in fertility treatments, who used advanced medical technology to "mix" egg and sperm in a dish, then implant the fertilized egg in her womb....while the other was conceived through "plain 'ole" marital relations?? The first child's conception definitely carried a much higher price tag. Does that mean the first child will be expected to contribute more to society because of the elaborate means which were employed to create her? We don't intrude upon someone's personal privacy by asking "how much did it cost" of people who visit fertility clinics, why should we ask those same questions of those who choose to adopt? So true!!!!!
  3. Laura & Eric

    What made you pick Abrazo?

    Welcome "lovefaithandhope"! We chose Abrazo since friends of ours adopted through Abrazo and we saw how things ran smoothly. It is truly a great Agency and we also got educated about adoption through the forum.
  4. Laura & Eric

    Nursery Notes

    I agree, Dee! Let's continue praying for him. So sad to hear about this.
  5. Laura & Eric

    Adopting a second time

    Hey Jennifer! Really?! That's awesome! I would really love for Jack to have a sibling but have to really enjoy Jack right now. We've gone through so much with my dad passing and Jack being born that we really need to "chill" for now. However, I do strongly believe we will be adding to our family when the time and situation is right for us. By the way, I love the family picture you sent! Love, Laura
  6. Laura & Eric

    Adopting a second time

    I have to admit....I'm having the itch to have another baby too! We just finalized Jack and when I said it to Eric, he just looked at me like this.... I know he would love it but I think it would be a matter of time. Laura
  7. Laura & Eric

    Baby Announcements 2007

  8. Laura & Eric

    Nursery Notes

    I truly hope this baby finds his way home!
  9. Laura & Eric

    Baby Announcements 2007

    I'm in tears and I'm so happy. So many emotions are running through me right now. Congratulations to the newest family. May God Bless you and your selfless birthfamily. Love, Laura, Eric, and Jack
  10. Hi Laura! I'm living on the Forum now, so I stopped in to greet you my darling friend!

    Lots of Love,


  11. Laura & Eric

    When To Say When?

    Well said, Bridget. My sister sent me the article and I couldn't believe it!?! Personally, I don't think I could do it. I may have thought about it before deciding to take the wonderful journey of adoption. But once we decided to go through Abrazo, that was it. Infact, I called Abrazo the day I got the news that the invitro pregnancy test was unfavorable. I pray for those women who feel that they HAVE to have their own. For those who don't think about the children who need a home. It all takes time, I know. It took us about 2 years to decide that adoption was the way to go. I just hope more testing is done before it becomes "primetime." Laura
  12. Laura & Eric

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations Gail and Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so excited for you! You are a deserving couple and we can't wait to meet your bundle of joy! Love you both, Eric and Laura
  13. Laura & Eric


    Happy Birthday Kristin! Good luck in your awesome journey!
  14. Laura & Eric

    Baby Step: Start-Up Advice for Newbies

    Wow! Gigi! You do have an overwhelming amount of love and support from family, neighbors, friends, and loved ones. That is great! I see what you mean about feeling humbled and appreciative. I would feel the same way. You and your husband are very fortunate. I'm sorry you won't be able to make it to the September orientation. Ours is not until next week- the 8th and 9th. But....November will fly by. Start getting stuff ready. Thqt's what we did. We were thinking of going in July but decided to go in September and I remember feeling that it was never going to happen! But I promise- it'll fly by. Keep yourself busy! Please keep in touch! Laura