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  1. Congrats from another WI Abrazo-family!
  2. Lighting a candle for Samantha. Round 4 with cancer and she is 35...May God watch over her, her husband, and their little boy who they love so dearly and continue to give her strength and hope.
  3. My personal opinion... I agree that the first option would be to do a full orientation. We signed with another agency after Abrazo because we were too impatient to wait for the next orientation. Paul and I could not connect with the staff at the other agency and ended up being told the process as we went. (Every agency has a different process). With Abrazo, I greatly appreciate the person to person contact before the "roller coaster" ride really takes off. I knew very clearly what the core values of Abrazo were and felt confident that my hopes and expectations matched their expectation
  4. I too hope that the orientation weekends do not change...I am not sure how we could have made it through the experience without the wonderful people we met at orientation!! Oh how I wish we had that money tree in our back yard...every penny of it would go to Abrazo.
  5. Our angel is from El Paso too!! Congratulations!! Merry Christmas!!
  6. I am curious if the need for foster parents has increased or decreased during this trying economic time?
  7. I am here to sprinkle baby dust... Thinking off all of you who are "in waiting.." May God bless you during this, the month of giving thanks!!
  8. God is good! Congrats to the new families...As a mom of a BOG, things get crazy but I learned from the darkness comes the dawn. God bless the new families and the birthfamilies who love these little people so very much!
  9. I was thinking the same thing... I will light a candle tonight!!
  10. are very happy parents of 2 amazing children!

  11. Leap of faith...I always say that adoption is not the time to listen to reason...it is time to listen to your heart and what God is saying to you..When we "signed papers" for Carter, we had not yet met him and really wasn't sure what the future was going to bring...but now we have a healthy happy incredibly active 4 year old...and wouldn't have changed a thing. The way I look at it is love can't cure everything but it sure does help.
  12. Hi, we are from Wisconsin. Are you also in the Midwest? Brandy Hi! We are from WI too - Green Bay! Welcome.
  13. Both families beaming...God has blessed you and may he continue to all to all of the days of your lives!!
  14. Sounds a lot like our story! Miracles do happen - you just have to open your eyes and your hearts! Congrats - may God bless you!!
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