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  1. Ex-actly! I look forward to hearing from you! I've been thinking about this topic and about a thousand things come to mind that could be discussed. I would love to hear from others who have adopted older children in open relationships (Linda, you come to mind )and visiting with the birth parents and how that has gone for others; how long was it after placement that you saw the birthparents for the first time? how long was your visit? any change in the child's behavior or demeanor after visiting? Maybe there is a topic specific to that issue already?
  2. Erin, we adopted Zackary when he was 20 months old and Clara was 2 1/2(we adopted her as a newborn). I have a wealth of experience within the last 9 months I could share but no time to type it all here, lol! I can tell you there was no transition time from his birthmother to us. We had lunch one day, dinner and an activity the next, placement the day after that. I think a longer transition would have been optimal but not available in our case. We did stay in San Antonio and attempted to visit with her as much as she was comfortable with while we were there. *Find a therapist who specializes
  3. Three amazing miracles! Congratulations to you ALL!
  4. are checkin' out the new digs around here!

  5. A most exciting and much anticipated announcement! I could not be more thrilled for this family and Grace and her first momma, truely a match made in heaven, every step of the way! When it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Congratulations to you all! Welcome to the world beautiful angel, Grace!!!
  6. Best wishes to the 2 newly expanded families! I always hope that these days following placement are filled with peace and an outpouring of love and support for all triad members. I hope your journeys continue together...forever. Congratulations!
  7. Oh wow! It's a boy!!! Congratulations! I am over the top excited for this news!
  8. Congrats Leslie, on heading to San Antonio and good luck to you! Where is Leakey, Texas?
  9. Oh my. Bridget, Lucas, I am so sorry. My heart just breaks for you and all of those grieving this impossible loss. I pray that the strength and love of all of those surrounding you in prayer will lift you up and carry you. Our deepest condolences.....
  10. Welcome! Can't wait to get to know you better! Jump right in, you're among friends here!

  11. So sweeeet! Congratulations to you! Welcome to the world Princess!
  12. Congratulations on becoming a family of three! Plus all of the extended family too! I will lift in prayer this special mom, her son and the family she has chosen. May you all continue to love and grow together! Welcome to the world little fella!
  13. Oh my goodness!!! I didn't even see this coming...I mean I must have missed the hints! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL! A wonderful family blessed again! So glad to hear this news this morning! Congrats!
  14. Thank you everyone for your love and support along the way and your heart-y congrats today! We are settling in as a family of four tonight. Everyone under 3 yrs old is cozy in their beds and all is right in suite 311 somewhere in San Antonio tonight. Ahhh... Thanks to the Abrazo chicks for everything, sorry we didn't come with a dustbuster and an air freshener.... At least you have the weekend to air things out.....
  15. Blessed news! Congrats go out on finding eachother in your times of need. Prayers for a lifetime of openess and all that provides. Welcome to the world, little guy!
  16. Hi Gram Sharron. I saw a beautiful picture of Tom and Colleen and Abigail today.....I hope your year has been filled with love, friends, laughter and good health too!
  17. I was thinking about this today and thought it worth mentioning...my mom also went to a chiropractor. He did some weird treatments that released cleansing chemicals in her body that helped get rid of the poison from chemo and that helped her pain alot. (I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't have seen it!) She also drank a cranberry juice/lime juice/apple cider vinegar/water concoction that was great for cleansing with again, helped relieve her pain. Here's something for the 'putting up a praise' thread...my mom put her hair in rollers today!!! She was so happy to finally have enough hair t
  18. Congratulations Molly and Bill! What an amazing journey you all have had! Sure do love that first family photo! Welcome to the world little guy!
  19. Poppin to say hi! Miss you!

  20. Lighting candles for those gathering tonight in San Antonio........
  21. Hi. I don't think it matters what kind of pets you have as long as they are documented and are all up to date on vaccinations, etc. I'm sure your homestudy worker could give you more info or of course, the ladies at Abrazo.
  22. Welcome to the 2 newest Abrazo boys and Congrats to all those who love them!
  23. Passed on your number and link to the website today! Hoping you hear from a great (childless) couple soon!
  24. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure if there is orientation in February, there won't be one in March. Aren't they more like every 2-3 months, based on need that is? Lots of folks have gotten the official invite to attend orientation a week before, so be prepared if and when! Welcome to the forum! Make yourself at home around here, and like Melissa said, read all you can while you're here, there is alot of great info here!
  25. Oh! Welcome sweet little one! May blessings and joy and health follow you and those who surround you with love! I am so happy! Congratulations Joe and Shelley!
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