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  1. Congrats Tom and Kathy!!! She is absolutely darling!!
  2. I absolutely loved that story!! It was so great to see how easily she spoke of adoption as a "good" thing...just as easily as someone would speak of it as a "bad" thing. You can tell she had no regrets!!
  3. WWHOOOOAA...MINE CAME OUT TO OVER $340,OOO....oh geez for each one???
  4. Abrazo is THE BEST agency if you want an open adoption. I placed a son 4 months ago through Abrazo...and the staff is just so supportive. No mother wants to place their child but it is a decision I don't for one second regret. They have helped me so much. They are always there to listen, they go out of their way to help you. They are just completely awesome!! I placed a son 2 years ago through a different agency and that experience is just so so different. It is a semi open adoption which basically means I get pictures and a letter once a year. But with Abrazo, I get to hear my little b
  5. Congrats on another dream come true!!!!!!!
  6. AWESOME!!! congrats to lori and sam and their wonderful BP lainie!!!
  7. To all of the new families I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats to the new family!!! Enjoy the tiny bundle because kiddos grow at amazing speed! love amanda
  9. Laura, I would say honesty and communication is key!! Let your birthmother know that she can express her true feelings. She will be having so many different emotions. Anger, sadness, doubt but underneath all that she will feel happy knowing that she placed her baby with a great family who will give the baby everything he/she deserves. Also there will be times that she might not answer the phone. Don't jump to conclusions and tell yourself that she doesn't want to talk to you. She is probably just busy and wants to be able to give you all of her attention. Let her know that you will be t
  10. OOOOOOOOh the new pictures are just DARLING!!!!!!
  11. I just saw the picture in the gallery....what a gorgeous little sweet pea....the name is too cute!!!!....congrats again guys!!!! let the waterworks begin.....AGAIN lots of love amanda
  12. OH MY GOSH YAY!!! NO MAKE THAT A SUPER YAY!!! How totally awesome!!! A little girl!!! The tears started flowing...CONGRATS ANDREA AND DON!!!!!!!!!!
  13. My mom comes up behind me and always reads stuff on here....no way that I am letting her on here though because she might get addicted.....then I will have to fight her for time on the comp....but she does give me advice and reads stuff on here with me!!
  14. Well I called the agency the day after I gave birth to him.....but I knew it in my heart since I learned I was pregnant. I just sat there and wished and hoped that I would win the lottery or something. Of course I didn't.....but I am so happy with the decision that I made. I've said it many many times but I wouldn't want it any other way!!!
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