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  1. I love these announcements!!!!!!! Congrats!
  2. Congratulations! What a blessing!
  3. OHHHHHHHHHH... I like Easter bunnies.... I mean babies! Blessings!
  4. I truly have tears of joy right now. What an amazing birthmom and adoptive family. May Zachary find peace and the families as well! I love you, Gross family!
  5. What a wonderful announcement! What a blessing!
  6. Congratulations and abundant prayers!
  7. Wow... what a blessing! Congratulations!!! Blessings and prayers for all Stacie
  8. How very exciting and a testimony to good faith agreements! Wow! Wonderful first placement!
  9. Wow..... congratulations to both families! What a happy Thanksgiving!!! Stacie and family
  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Two placements!!!!!! Congratulations! What a blessing! Stacie
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