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  1. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations to the newest family!!! The Fritzens
  2. Sabrina - That poem was amazing!!! Simply beautiful. Heather - We are all here for you. Best wishes on your journey. Renee - Thanks for your input and information on this topic - I'm sure it is helpful. And welcome back!!!
  3. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Many Congratulations to Dee, Bart, and their beautiful baby girl!!! Enjoy every moment. Also, blessings and peace to your wonderful birthfamily. Love, Tom, Colleen, & Abigail
  4. Same here - Amazon.com here I come!!!
  5. What a great topic! As the proud new mommy of an AA child I felt the need to put in my two cents. For us, "checking every box" was an easy decision. I will admit it was made easier by the fact that Tom's brother & sister-in-law had already adopted two AA/mixed race children so there was never a question of family acceptance on that side of the family. As for my family, when we first began making an adoption plan we investigated everything (international, overseas, bi-racial) and were very open to the fact that we were open to any race/color/creed and my family was very supportive from the beginning. I also totally understand that geography plays a big part in what some famililes will accept. I happen to live in a section of the country (NJ) that is a bit more understanding of mixed-race families than other parts. Not to stereotype, but is not as accepted as easily in some of the other parts of the country. But let me say that (as "corny" as this may sound) when I look at my Abigail I don't see the color of her skin. And of course I think she is more beautiful than any other baby around (as all parents do ) In fact, I had my "A HA" moment shortly after we brought her home. We were at the christing of the four month old son of friends of ours. It was the first time I had seen Vincent since we had been home and the first thing that crossed my mind was "Oh my gosh, he's so pale!" And then it was like, "Oh yeah, Abby is AA - I forgot!" I have to share a story- My manicurist and & I were discussing adoption (she's a great listener and was my sounding board during my entire 2 year adoption journey - thanks Donna! )and she said that she was very happy when she found out that we were adopting a full AA child and not a child of mixed race. From her point of view she thought that raising a bi-racial child would be more difficult. In her mind, adolescents of mixed race have a harder time trying to fit in than those that are of full AA background, and she didn't feel she would be prepared to handle those obstacles. I thought that was an interesting point of view, and not one that had occurred to me. Not that it would have mattered, but it was interesting to hear another take on the subject. I am reading all of these posts about all of the birthmoms trying to find adoptive families open to starting a Rainbow Family, and as someone mentioned earlier (I don't remember who - sorry ) Finalization can't come soon enough for us. Tom & I have already decided that if & when we do this again, we will be requesting an AA/bi-racial child. Again, I totally understand that everyone has their reasons for "checking the boxes" that they check, but as Tey&Ty's Mom said, try to think outside the box! I am not so naive as to think that Abby's racial differences won't ever be a problem, but I am learning every day and looking forward to facing the challenges that may lie ahead. And especially for all of the Abrazo PIWs, there is such a great support system here that I know if I ever have a question, concern, or just need to vent, there is a place I can go - and that also makes a HUGE difference! To all of you PIWs out there, visit the Rainbow families thread and see what a great support system is out there. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say please feel free to PM any of us with questions, concerns, or just to vent! I pray every day for all of the PIWs and birthmoms making life-altering decisions, but there will always be a special place in my heart for the Rainbow Families and those wonderful children awaiting Special families. Colleen
  6. TomCol1325

    Why People Adopt (& What They Go Through)

    A simply beautiful story - I'm just speechless. The things that I'm sure so many of us feel put into words...
  7. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations to the newest family and their "perfect fit." Sydney Jane is just beautiful - what a fabulous looking family!
  8. TomCol1325

    My Son/Daughter Is Adopting!

    Just a note to all you Grandparents-in-Waiting out there - Grandma Sharron (aka Moorekid) throws a great baby shower, so ask her for ideas! Mom - Thank you so much for a wonderful day. I love you!!! Colleen
  9. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations to the new family! We are so happy that Texas found Idaho and that Baby Olivia has found the family that she was meant to be with. Blessings to all!!!
  10. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Best wishes to the newest family of three!!!
  11. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2006

    A BIG welcome to the newest bundle of pink! Congratulations to the newest family of three...Yeah TENS!!!
  12. TomCol1325

    A Daily Devotional

    Knowing that we have hit a rough patch with our birthmother, my principal went in search of a prayer for me. She turned to St. Gerard who is the patron saint of expectant mothers. Although I am not Catholic (though I teach at a Catholic school) this prayer really touched me, and the thougtfulness of my principal made my heart swell. She promised she would say it with me every day until the arrival of our child. I wanted to share it with everyone: O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before the throne of God, wonder-worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your help. While on earth, you always fulfulled God's designs; help me, too, always do God's holy will. Beseech the master of life, from whom all parenthood proceeds, to bless me with offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of God's glory in the life to come. Amen
  13. TomCol1325

    Baptisms & Christenings

    That Baptism ceremony sounds absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the experience with us and also for posting those wonderful pictures in the gallery. Congratulations!
  14. TomCol1325

    Baby Announcements 2006

    A Huge Congratulations to Andrea, Don, and the newest TENS Tot!!!! We can't wait to hear names and see pictures! Lots of love & hugs to all, Tom & Colleen
  15. TomCol1325


    We made it to Texas last night and are here at the Hotel. The Hotel is preapring for the weekend as I was told last night by the front desk. According to him the pool will be locked at 10:00 PM and the key hidden. He said all this with a little head twitch and a look of fear in his eyes. (What have you done to these poor people.) We look forward to meeting everyone tonight and to see why when we mention Abrazo to house keeping they all run away. The Fritzens