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  1. Congrats to the new family... Boys are really wonderful.... Enjoy every moment.... Linda
  2. Congrats to the Newest Family.... How exciting.
  3. Congrats on the new baby girl..... How much fun she is going to be... Linda
  4. Jen, Keep posting as we are eager go meet new people to like you also. Feel free to share as we do. Linda
  5. Kathy, Thank you so much for sharing your personal story.... We are so happy for you and Ariana is a lucky little girl. Love ya, Linda
  6. Jen, Welcome to the Abrazo Forum Family.... You will find some wonderful people here that will give you comfort, good advise and some will become good friends. You will enjoy Orientation, it is an experience you remember for a lifetime. Linda
  7. Jada I just loved this.....Thanks for posting
  8. Elizabeth, Is this story about Interrnational Adoption very very real for us.... They must be kidding. Just at you said.. We were in the International Adoption ride for 2 1/2 years and shutting down for one reason or the other then to find out the laws were changing and the story goes... Well thank goodness we found Abrazo.. Also do they talk about the lack of information you don't have on the birth parents and how much $$$$ you have to carry with you to a strange country.... It just never felt right.... Just my 2 cents. Linda
  9. It is so nice to hear all the excitement..... You all got to this point for a reason and it is the best place to be. Linda
  10. Kristen, Loved reading your post and Oh how the memories come back.... You sound like really nice people and I'm sure that will come out in your profile and there will be just that something that a birthparent will see to want to talk with you... I promise... We worried so how are profile would read to birthparents and wanted to set an honest representation of us without smoosing it. I think we did... Just be yourself and things will be fine. Best to you both, Linda
  11. Congrats, Chris, Grabriela and Brother Austin... I did not know and I am so happy for you guys.... Hope to be able to see her when we come back to Texas. Miss you guys, Linda and Anthony
  12. Congrats to the newest family and how lucky they are to have a wonderful birthfamily.... What what a wonderful holiday for all. Life is Good....As one of my fellow Tots would say... Linda
  13. Our very first post: Well we are back from Orientation and exhausted. We were both a little nervous not knowing what to expect in a room full of strangers. After this weekend these strangers have become hopefully lifetime friendships. Not knowing what to expect we were very touched by the warmth and the sincerity of the group and the Abrozo Family. Sharing all of our stories and knowing there were other couples feeling what we felt was such a comfort. We both feel Abrozo is the end of a long journey of disappointments and finally our dream to become parents can be a dream come true. Talk
  14. Sharron, This baby is so lucky to have you as a Grandma.... I know your just so anxiious to see your new Grandchild and when she comes home you will have a lifetime to spoil her as I'm sure you will. It sounds like you have a very nice family and this little one is very lucky. Congratulations Grandma and my best to Tom and Colleen. Linda
  15. Thank you for all your wonderful posts and the support you gave to Tom and Colleen...If only all Mothers/Grandparents could be as supportive. You seem to be a wonderful mother and now a grandmother. My best to Tom and Colleen and to Grandma Sharron.... What a lucky little baby. We live in Nutley and met Tom and Colleen at an Abrazo reunion back in May. I'm glad you guys became part of the Abrazo Family and you dreams have come true.. Can't wait to talk to you guys. Linda Ventura
  16. I'm gonna look in that section and come back.mmmmmmmmmmmm
  17. Me to..... I just fell for it hopig to hear some exciting news. Linda
  18. Motherslove06, Elizabeth said the correct words. If you chose Abrazo or not call them as they are wonderful people and this a very good Agency to start with and give you all your options. Good luck in whatever decision you decide. This agency is very reputable. Linda
  19. What a wonderful story..... It is so nice to hear such a wonderful story. Congrats to all... Linda
  20. Congrat to the new parents and baby girl makes three. You all look so happy..... It's so much fun... Linda
  21. Congratulations..... Boys are so sweet and so much fun..... The best to the new family.... Linda
  22. Wow..... What a wonderful story.... You are doubly blessed. Your prayers have been answered. Linda
  23. We paid about $500 for our update for our homestuday and our 4 post placement visit are $1,400 and this is for NJ Eastcoast Just an FYI Linda
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